An Overview of the Pool Demolition and Filling Process

If you are considering pool removal in the Bay Area, it’s helpful to know how the process goes. Here’s an overview.

Here’s How Pool Removal Goes

Having an in-ground swimming pool can provide significant enjoyment to individuals and families. But at some point, a pool may exhaust its useful life. That time may come if the pool no longer gets much use, it is too expensive to operate, or when you need the property space for some other uses. When the time comes to say “goodbye” to that pool, it is time to call the swimming pool removal Bay Area experts.


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Partial Vs. Full Pool Removal

When you have a pool removed, you have 2 choices. Here’s a look at the 2 options of Bay Area pool removal.

There are 2 Types of Pool Removal

Owning your own pool can offer lots of fun, relaxation, rewarding exercise, and good times. But sometimes situations and needs change and an inground pool may become unnecessary or even undesirable. When that time comes, it is best to call an expert at swimming pool removal in the Bay Area to accomplish the pool removal safely and properly.

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Backyard Ideas After Pool Removal

Many people are opting for pool removal in the Bay Area. Here are some ideas for what to do with that space.

Looking into Pool Removal in the Bay Area?

Ahhh…the good feeling of relaxing beside or swimming in a nice backyard pool on a great summer day. But sometimes things change, and it becomes time to remove that once-loved pool. Then, it’s time to contact a company that handles pool removal in the Bay Area to do the job professionally.

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Is it time to remove your pool?

There comes a time in life where the swimming pool may not match the lifestyle. Let’s take a look at if it may be time to contact an expert at pool removal in the Bay Area.

Are You Considering Removing Your Pool?

People have enjoyed swimming pools for many years. Who doesn’t like the feeling of floating and stroking in the water on a warm day? Both the relaxation and the exhilarating exercise are excellent, and swimming provides a very nice refreshing break. However, there may be a time when you have to say farewell to that in-ground pool. When that comes, it’s time to contact an expert at pool removal in the Bay Area.

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How Do We Use Concrete in Landscaping and Building Construction?

Concrete is one of our most common building materials. It comes in various forms depending on the job, but is incredibly versatile and with proper care can last decades.

Concrete a Foundational Material in Construction Work

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Backyard Transformations for Aging in Place

Aging in place is popular in Northern California. Rather than selling their homes and downsizing, many Bay Area residents renovate their homes to accommodate the changes in their lifestyle. Retirees, and empty-nesters who are still working, decide staying put keeps them close to family, friends and activities they already know and enjoy.

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Lassiter Earns PG&E Operator Qualification

We are pleased to announce that Lassiter Excavating, Inc. has completed the training and met the qualifications for the PG&E Operator Qualification (OQ) that allows us to operate as a contractor on jobs that involve PG&E facilities.

PG&E Now Requires Operator Qualification to Work on Their Facilities

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The Demolition Process in Construction

For most landscaping and construction projects with existing structures on the property, one of the first steps is demolition of existing features like pools, garages or in-law units. Each job is unique, especially where there is limited access, but demolition can be pretty straightforward and doesn’t have to take a lot of time. However, the most important thing is to understand what the plan is, and the tools and manpower we need to bring to bear.

Construction Demolition Methods

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To Remove Your Pool or Not To Remove Your Pool

Are you on the brink of deciding to remove your swimming pool?

Here are some facts that may help you dive into the decision process.

With the close of the summer season here in Northern California, pool owners are once again assessing just how much they used their pool this year. And they are posing the big question again: Is it time to pull the pool out and transform the backyard?

Pool Ownership Costs Add Up

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How to Choose an Excavation Contractor

When you choose a builder, landscaper or pool company, you also are choosing numerous other sub-contractors that will work in conjunction with the primary contractor you have chosen. This is especially true when heavy excavation or drilling is part of the project. Few contractors do this type of work themselves (in-house) because the equipment investment is very high, and the training needed get it done efficiently and safely make it prohibitive for contractor to do it themselves.

Landscapers Often Use Excavation and Drilling Specialists

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