Is it time to remove your pool?

There comes a time in life where the swimming pool may not match the lifestyle. Let’s take a look at if it may be time to contact an expert at pool removal in the Bay Area.

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Are You Considering Removing Your Pool?

People have enjoyed swimming pools for many years. Who doesn’t like the feeling of floating and stroking in the water on a warm day? Both the relaxation and the exhilarating exercise are excellent, and swimming provides a very nice refreshing break. However, there may be a time when you have to say farewell to that in-ground pool. When that comes, it’s time to contact an expert at pool removal in the Bay Area.

Is it Time? Reasons to Remove Your Pool.

Here are some reasons that it may be time to remove your pool:

  • You are selling your home and the pool is in a condition that it won’t be an asset for people looking to purchase your home.
  • The pool just isn’t getting much use. Perhaps the kids and family members who loved the pool for many years have grown up and moved away.
  • Pool maintenance is costing too much.
  • The pool needs too many repairs to function well and to be enjoyable.
  • You’d rather use the backyard space for some other purpose.
  • The pool’s liability potential has boosted insurance costs.
  • There’s a serious leak and water wastage is costing a lot.

In-Ground Pool Removal Options

There are two pool removal options: partial removal or full removal. Both can be accomplished by a qualified pool removal Sacramento area company.

Partial pool removal is the quickest and least expensive approach, but some municipalities won’t allow it. This method involves drilling holes in the bottom of the pool so that proper soil drainage will occur. Then, the sides of the pool are broken down to at least 18” from the soil level and the broken concrete pushed into the bottom of the pool. Earth is then filled into the pool and compacted.

Full pool removal requires all the pool materials to be broken up and fully removed from the pool space. The area is then filled in with dirt and compacted. Using this approach, there are no future land-use limitations (as there are with a partial removal) and fewer problems with settling.

How to Choose a Qualified Contractor?

To select a professional swimming pool demolition Bay Area company:

  1. Make sure the contractor is licensed.
  2. Make sure they are very experienced. Get references.
  3. Inquire about the extent of worker skills and the type of equipment to be used.
  4. Ask about their permitting process.
  5. Have them define their scope of work.
  6. Get project expectations in writing.

Seek Expert Assistance with Your Pool Removal in the Bay Area 

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