Tips on Choosing a Pool Removal Contractor

Pools are fun but there comes a time where they don’t get used as much as they used to. Here are tips on choosing the best Bay Area pool removal contractor.

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Thinking About Bay Area Pool Removal?

So, you have a backyard swimming pool that you have enjoyed for years. But perhaps things have changed, and it’s time to remove that once-loved pool. Or possibly you’ve bought a home with a pool and you want to get it removed. In both cases, it is time to call a professional Bay Area pool removal contractor.

Reasons to Remove a Pool

A swimming pool may need to be removed because it is no longer used. Maybe the kids have grown up and moved away so the pool just sits there idle. Maybe it needs costly repairs. Perhaps it is the costs of maintenance, water, and electricity. It might be the increased liability of a pool or the increased cost of insurance. If the pool is not in good condition, it may be a barrier to selling the house. Or possibly, you envision using the space for something else.  Whatever the reasons, removing a pool is not a DIY project. Rather, it is crucial to call a professional Bay Area pool demolition company.

How are Swimming Pools Removed?

In-ground swimming pools can be removed in two ways. One is referred to as partial removal. In this case, a pool is drained, holes are punched in the bottom, then the top 18” to 36” of the pool structure is demolished and pushed into the bottom of the pool. The pool area is then filled in with added dirt and topsoil. This is the less expensive approach, but it has some large downsides. The second approach is referred to as complete pool removal. In this case, the pool is drained, and the complete structure is demolished and hauled away. The pool space is then completely filled in and compacted. To get the work done correctly, it is important to call an expert Bay Area swimming pool demolition contractor.

How to Choose a Pool Removal Contractor

Demolishing and backfilling a swimming pool is hazardous work that requires good planning, precise engineering, expert skills, and the right equipment. It requires a professional Bay Area pool demolition contractor.

Use these tips to choose a qualified pool removal contractor:

First, search the Better Business Bureau for accredited contractors. An accredited Bay Area pool removal contractor will have exhibited good business practices and have met high standards for customer service and privacy protection.

As you review candidates, look at their years in business. Examine their references and their reputation. Check their certifications, and licensing.

Verify their insurance coverages.

Ask about their demolition strategy and the fill materials that will be used. Make sure they will get the required permits.

Get a detailed written cost estimate and examine all cost elements. Also, understand the payment schedule.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Pool Removal Contractor

Contact Lassiter Excavating, your Bay Area demolition and pool removal professionals. We are experts in retaining wall drilling, construction, pool removal, excavation, trenching, and pier drilling since 1989. We provide exceptional service for both residential and commercial customers. If you would like a free estimate, click HERE.  If you would like to research our company, you can find our Better Business Bureau accreditation here: 

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