5 Ideas For Your Backyard After Bay Area Pool Removal

San Francisco Bay Area Pool Removal Experts Give Tips

Pools have long been synonymous with fun, relaxation, and entertainment. However, as lifestyles change and priorities shift, many homeowners are now opting to remove their pools. Whether it’s due to maintenance costs, safety concerns, or simply a desire for more functional space, Bay Area pool removal can be a transformative decision. In this blog post, we’ll explore the process of pool removal and offer some creative ideas on how to repurpose the newfound space.

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Ask Stockton Pool Removal Contractors Before You Buy

Having a home with a pool can be a really nice benefit. In fact, most people often dream of having such amenities on their premises. However, despite its various advantages, there are certain aspects of owning a pool that the seller may conveniently fail to mention. Ask a Stockton Pool Removal contractor for more information.

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How Does Sacramento Pool Demolition Work?

An inground swimming pool can be fun. But perhaps it is now time to consider Bay Area pool removal.

What to Ask About Sacramento Pool Demolition

Thinking about Sacramento pool demolition? Wondering where to begin? Here are four questions to ask the demolition company to make sure the job is handled right.

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Limited Access Shouldn’t Limit Your Options

Having limited access during construction should not limit your options. Finding a reputable Sacramento limited access drilling company can help.

You Get to Have What You Want!

Sometimes a construction project comes along that looks like it can’t be done due to limited access conditions for the project. If this is the case, it is critical to select professional Sacramento limited access drilling experts that will have the experience, skilled workers, and equipment to get the job done right. So, limited access shouldn’t limit your construction options. 

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How Do We Use Concrete in Landscaping and Building Construction?

Concrete is one of our most common building materials. It comes in various forms depending on the job, but is incredibly versatile and with proper care can last decades.

Concrete a Foundational Material in Construction Work

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Lassiter Earns PG&E Operator Qualification

We are pleased to announce that Lassiter Excavating, Inc. has completed the training and met the qualifications for the PG&E Operator Qualification (OQ) that allows us to operate as a contractor on jobs that involve PG&E facilities.

PG&E Now Requires Operator Qualification to Work on Their Facilities

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The Demolition Process in Construction

For most landscaping and construction projects with existing structures on the property, one of the first steps is demolition of existing features like pools, garages or in-law units. Each job is unique, especially where there is limited access, but demolition can be pretty straightforward and doesn’t have to take a lot of time. However, the most important thing is to understand what the plan is, and the tools and manpower we need to bring to bear.

Construction Demolition Methods

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Why Use Foam in Pool Construction?

We have been contracted by a number of pool installers this year to assist them in installing pools using “geofoam” as part of the design. There are some very good reasons why you would want to use this foam material in pool construction, as well as in other construction applications. With regard to pool construction, Geofoam is a great choice because it simplifies the construction process itself. It provides a medium onto which the concrete can be directly formed, rather than going through a more expensive process of forming and filling structures entirely of concrete.

The Creative Use of Geofoam in Pool Construction

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How to Choose an Excavation Contractor

When you choose a builder, landscaper or pool company, you also are choosing numerous other sub-contractors that will work in conjunction with the primary contractor you have chosen. This is especially true when heavy excavation or drilling is part of the project. Few contractors do this type of work themselves (in-house) because the equipment investment is very high, and the training needed get it done efficiently and safely make it prohibitive for contractor to do it themselves.

Landscapers Often Use Excavation and Drilling Specialists

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Installing Pools in Tight Residential Lots

In Northern California many houses sit packed together on small plots. With homes of 2,500 square feet or more sitting on a lot of 5,000 sq. ft. This can present some serious challenges if you’re thinking of installing a nice swimming pool, but it’s certainly not impossible. If you’ve been told a pool can’t be built in your yard there is a good chance the company you are talking with doesn’t want to bother. Or they don’t have people with the expertise to do it.

Tight Home Lots Make for Complex Excavation Work

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