Now is The Time to Consider Pool Removal

Don’t endure the cost and headache of owning a pool that you never use. Contact a Bay Area pool removal company for help.

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Bay Area Swimming Pool Removal Experts Explain

An inground swimming pool can provide hours of fun and can be great to have. But perhaps it is now time to consider Bay Area pool removal

Why Should Homeowners Consider Swimming Pool Removal 

There are many reasons to consider swimming pool removal. First, if the pool isn’t getting consistent and meaningful use, regular pool cleaning and maintenance can be a hassle and a useless expenditure of time. Second, a swimming pool, especially one that is not used, is a safety hazard. It requires a lot of safety precautions, and it drives up insurance costs for the homeowner. Third, keeping a swimming pool in operation costs a lot of money in chemicals, water use due to evaporation, and electricity. So, closing a pool can create large monthly budget savings. Fourth, removing a pool that is unsightly or in disrepair can significantly increase one’s property value if you plan to sell your home. Fifth, removing an inground pool can free up a significant amount of yard space. 

A professional Bay Area swimming pool demolition company can remove a pool, thus freeing-up space to create a backyard playground or sports court that may be more appealing or more useful. Removing a pool can provide space for a wonderful garden, great backyard oasis, lounging area, or cooking area.  

How to Remove an Inground Swimming Pool 

Removing an inground swimming pool requires the professional skills of a Bay Area drilling and pool removal company. There are two ways to remove a pool: partial removal and full removal. 

Partial pool removal requires draining the pool and drilling three feet deep holes in the bottom of the pool so that it will not collect water in the future. Then, the sides of the pool, at least 18 inches from ground level, must be broken up and pushed into the bottom of the pool. Then, the pool is backfilled with rubble including gravel and soil. Thereafter, topsoil is added and compacted over the pool area. 

Partial pool removal is faster and less expensive than pool removal. However, that land space is now considered “non-buildable.” When selling your home, the presence of the filled-in pool must be disclosed to potential buyers. Also, there is the potential for future ground swelling or shrinkage. 

Full pool removal requires draining the pool and then all pool materials are demolished and removed from the location. The pool area is backfilled, topsoil is added, and the area is prepared for landscaping. 

Choose an Expert Bay Area Pool Removal Company 

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