Why Use Foam in Pool Construction?

lassiter pool installation with GeoFoam

We have been contracted by a number of pool installers this year to assist them in installing pools using “geofoam” as part of the design. There are some very good reasons why you would want to use this foam material in pool construction, as well as in other construction applications. With regard to pool construction, Geofoam is a great choice because it simplifies the construction process itself. It provides a medium onto which the concrete can be directly formed, rather than going through a more expensive process of forming and filling structures entirely of concrete.

The Creative Use of Geofoam in Pool Construction

Geofoam is also an extremely lightweight product, weighing approximately only 2% of the total weight of a comparable amount of soil, and less than 10% the weight of water. This makes it ideal for use in pool construction in places were the supporting soil or structure could not bear the load of a fully concrete wall or pad. A rooftop pool might benefit from the use of foam, as well as those environments where the quality of load-bearing soils is poor. Despite its light weight, Geofoam retains a compressive strength which is highly desirable, that makes it ideal for use as a fill material for many commercial and residential applications.

How Geofoam is Used

  • The main usage for Geofoam is as a fill material, and it is excellent for use in this capacity because it is so strong and yet so lightweight.
  • Geofoam can be pre-cut to the exact specifications needed in pool installation, or it can be cut precisely on site to whatever dimensions are called for in the pool design.
  • Geofoam is most commonly used to form the pool basin and the decks, after which concrete can be poured directly on top of and around the foam structure to complete the construction process. See a recent Lassiter Instagram video for an example.
  • Compared to other materials which might be used for fill, Geofoam is also generally less expensive, and that saves on total construction costs for almost any kind of commercial or residential application.

If you see landscaping plans for a pool installation that include these foam structures, rest assured this material is a safe and useful addition to the resources your landscaper and project engineer have to create the backyard transformation you desire.

Need more information on foam-based pool installation? 

If you’re considering how foam could play a role in your Bay Area pool installation project, but aren’t quite sure about  it, contact Lassiter Excavating, Inc. so we can answer any questions you may have. We can also provide you with a free quote on work to be done on your pool, or on deep foundation drilling, footing piers, deck piers, or general excavation projects.