Soil Improvements Provide Strength and Control Groundwater for Excavation

Excavation ground water soil strength Lassiter

Before excavation and construction can begin at a construction site, ground improvements must be done to manage groundwater and improve soil strength. Otherwise the site may not be able to provide adequate support for the planned foundation. There are several methods which can be used to accomplish this, depending on the conditions of the soil. To determine the need to make soil improvements prior to the work of the excavating contractor, it may be necessary to consult with a civil engineer.

Methods for Stabilizing Soil for Excavation Projects


Grouting can be a very effective method of stabilizing ground conditions prior to starting a Bay Area excavation project. In soil grouting, material is injected into the ground in order to add sufficient strength and stability to the soil to support the planned above-ground structure. This also has the effect of mitigating the impact of groundwater, so that the area is not too soft or wet in particular seasons to provide the necessary support. Grouting is a favored approach where soil conditions make it too expensive to bore wells before construction. Chemical grouting introduces a low-particulate mixture into the soil, which will then harden into a kind of cement, and jet grouting makes use of high-velocity jets to inject material into soil to also create cement-like ground.


Installing or improving drainage is a technique used to dry out an area prior to excavation and construction, and it makes use of high-powered pumps to remove excess water, in order to stabilize soil. This is sometimes necessary as a precursor to one of the other soil improvement methods, which then further enhance ground stability. 

Compaction methods

There are several ways to compact soil in an area where ground quality is of a highly granular or porous nature. Rapid impact compaction uses a huge hydraulic hammer to make soils denser, vibro compaction introduces a vibrator into the ground to compact granular soil, and dynamic compaction makes use of a very large drop weight to produce denser soil characteristics.

Bay Area Pier Drilling and Excavation Experts

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