How to Choose an Excavation Contractor

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When you choose a builder, landscaper or pool company, you also are choosing numerous other sub-contractors that will work in conjunction with the primary contractor you have chosen. This is especially true when heavy excavation or drilling is part of the project. Few contractors do this type of work themselves (in-house) because the equipment investment is very high, and the training needed get it done efficiently and safely make it prohibitive for contractor to do it themselves.

Landscapers Often Use Excavation and Drilling Specialists

Contractors like Lassiter work with landscape and pool installation companies on a regular basis, serving as the experts that efficiently and quickly get one of the most labor-intensive parts of the project done. Whether you are focused on pool removal or pool installation, or foundation work, there will be a number of excavating challenges to confront to get your site ready.
Choosing what will be the right contractor is always a challenge. It’s a good bet that a contractor that has a long successful track record is using good sub-contractors. (This is why we post a portfolio of past work on our website.) Find out about the projects Lassiter Excavating has worked on and look at the results.

1. Check with friends and relatives
Your friends and relatives can provide valuable feedback if they have gone through a project similar to the one you have in mind. There’s no better endorsement of a professional crew than a testimonial that comes from someone you trust, and who has had quality work performed for them by that specific contractor.

2. License and certification
Make sure your contractor candidate as well as their sub-contractors are licensed to work professionally in California. Having a license, along with additional industry certifications that signal a commitment to training and safety, indicate a level of proficiency above the basic skill set offered by most contractors. Certifications also demonstrate a willingness on the part of a contractor to acquire additional skills which can be brought to bear to improve the quality of the work they do on your job.

3. Insurance
Having adequate insurance is another key component of a contractor’s business that indicates they take a responsible, professional approach to their work. Ask the contractors you are considering to provide a certificate of insurance.

A Proven Partner to Landscape and Pool Contractors

Lassiter has been partnering with landscape designers and pool installation contractors since 1989 to transform backyards and commercial property in support of the designer’s plans and the property owner’s goals.