An Overview of the Pool Demolition and Filling Process

If you are considering pool removal in the Bay Area, it’s helpful to know how the process goes. Here’s an overview.

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Here’s How Pool Removal Goes

Having an in-ground swimming pool can provide significant enjoyment to individuals and families. But at some point, a pool may exhaust its useful life. That time may come if the pool no longer gets much use, it is too expensive to operate, or when you need the property space for some other uses. When the time comes to say “goodbye” to that pool, it is time to call the swimming pool removal Bay Area experts.


An Overview of the Pool Demolition and Filling Process

Proper pool removal is not as simple as dumping dirt in the space and covering it with sod. No, a swimming pool is an in-ground construction and if the demolition and filling process is not done correctly, the ground could cave in or the shell “float” sometime in the future. Demolition can be done properly by a professional pool demolition in Sacramento in two ways: partial pool demolition and complete pool demolition.

Partial pool demolition includes:

  • Turning off the power to the pool area and removing all auxiliary pool items.
  • Draining the pool of all water.
  • Drilling at least 20 holes in the bottom of the pool so that water does not collect underneath the pool.
  • Demolishing the sidewalls of the pool about two feet below the ground level.
  • Backfilling the pool space with solid material and compacting all the fill.
  • Topping off the area with clean fill dirt and then sodding the area.

Partial pool demolition is not recommended if there are plans to build a new structure on that site. Further, if the home is sold in the future, partial pool removal must be disclosed to the potential homebuyers and that could have a negative impact on the value and desirability of the property.

Complete pool removal in Sacramento includes most of the prior steps except that the entire pool structure is demolished and removed.

Why DIY Pool Removal is Not a Good Idea

Pool removal is best done by pool removal Sacramento professionals. Experts will avoid these typical DIY mistakes:

  1. Not getting a required permit.
  2. Lacking the proper equipment or not knowing how to use the equipment properly and safely.
  3. Not using the proper removal process.
  4. Making mistakes in the removal process, including not properly completing the pool drainage.
  5. Not protecting gas and electrical lines from damage.
  6. Choosing the wrong fill dirt.
  7. Using the wrong ratio of fill and topsoil.
  8. Using the wrong amount of fill material. Pools require a large amount of fill and that can be difficult to estimate without expertise.
  9. Not grading and finishing the project properly, to avoid the problems of earth shifting and sinking.

Choose an Experienced Swimming Pool Removal Bay Area Company

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