Backyard Ideas After Pool Removal

Many people are opting for pool removal in the Bay Area. Here are some ideas for what to do with that space.

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Looking into Pool Removal in the Bay Area?

Ahhh…the good feeling of relaxing beside or swimming in a nice backyard pool on a great summer day. But sometimes things change, and it becomes time to remove that once-loved pool. Then, it’s time to contact a company that handles pool removal in the Bay Area to do the job professionally.

Why Remove a Swimming Pool?

Here are some of the reasons that removing a swimming pool might be considered:

  • During the time of homeownership, perhaps those who once loved and used the pool no longer use it, so it sits idle, occupying a lot of space. And if the pool is old and not in the best shape, repairs can be expensive.
  • If a home is being sold, a pool can be an asset if it is in great condition, or a serious barrier if it is old, not working properly and in poor condition.
  • Perhaps a homeowner may want to repurpose the space to freshen-up the landscaping look or add new functions to the property.
  • As tight as finances can be these days, a pool can be expensive to operate and maintain including the costs of electricity, water, and extra homeowner’s insurance coverage.

If these considerations result in a decision to remove a pool, contact an expert at pool demolition in the Bay Area that can accomplish the project reliably.

What Does it Take to Remove a Pool?

First, it’s not easy. You can’t just call a few neighbors together and ask them to grab their shovels. It takes planning, skill, and the right equipment–the qualities of an expert pool removal Bay Area company.

There are two ways to accomplish pool removal: full and partial removal. Full removal requires demolition and removal of the entire pool and its supporting components. This allows a full range of land use afterward. Partial removal means removing the top 18 inches of the pool wall and filling in the pool cavity. This approach has limitations for land use afterward.

Backyard Ideas After Pool Removal

Here are some great ideas for using the space once occupied by the pool:

  • Build a beautiful patio or deck, entertaining space, and an outdoor kitchen.
  • Construct a fire pit area with surrounding seating.
  • Create a flower or vegetable garden.
  • Convert the pool into a koi or wildlife pond.
  • Construct a play space for a trampoline, jungle gym play structure, or swing set.
  • Put in a turf lawn for the dogs to run in.

All this work will require the services of a qualified grading company in the Bay Area.

Choose an Expert Pool Removal Bay Area Company

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