Partial Vs. Full Pool Removal

When you have a pool removed, you have 2 choices. Here’s a look at the 2 options of Bay Area pool removal.

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There are 2 Types of Pool Removal

Owning your own pool can offer lots of fun, relaxation, rewarding exercise, and good times. But sometimes situations and needs change and an inground pool may become unnecessary or even undesirable. When that time comes, it is best to call an expert at swimming pool removal in the Bay Area to accomplish the pool removal safely and properly.

What Are the Two Pool Removal Methods?

There are two methods of removal: partial and full removal. Partial pool removal requires draining the pool, drilling holes in the bottom, removing the top portion of the pool and depositing it in the bottom of the pool, then filling in the entire pool space with fill dirt, gravel, and rubble. Full pool removal requires removing all vestiges of the pool: demolishing all aspects, hauling away the parts and pieces, and then filling in the entire area with dirt and gravel. Both methods are most successfully accomplished by a qualified pool removal Bay Area company.

Partial vs. Full Pool Removal—Which is Best?

  • Partial pool removal can be accomplished more quickly, taking two-five days, not counting preparation time. It can be done at roughly half the cost of full pool removal. The disadvantages are that the pool area is then considered “non-buildable” land. At such time that the home is sold, the presence of a former pool must be disclosed to potential buyers because no structures can be built on that space. And, if it is decided to build a new pool on the site in the future, the entire old pool structure would need to be dug up and removed. Additionally, there is potential for soil shifting and shrinking in the removal area.
  • Full pool removal will have no impact on the future sale of a home, with no restrictions on the use of the land. As well, there is less chance for backfill and settling problems.

In both cases, a professional swimming pool demolition Bay Area company is best qualified to do the work.

Why DIY Pool Removal is a Bad Idea

  1. The biggest issue is that getting the pool removal done wrong can result in expensive fixes later on.
  2. An expert pool removal Bay Area company will have all the equipment (and the experience) needed to get the job done right. It is a big job!
  3. It is critical for safety and cost reasons to properly identify and secure gas and electrical lines.
  4. The pool must be properly drained before beginning the pool demolition.
  5. The correct fill (and the right amount of fill) must be used with the right ratio of fill and topsoil and then properly compacted.

Avoid These Pool Removal Company Red Flags

  • The company isn’t licensed or insured.
  • They won’t share references.
  • They are new in town and inexperienced.

Choose an Experienced Pool Removal Bay Area Company

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