What to Expect From Your Pier Drilling and Foundation Project

It is essential to have a strong and enduring foundation for every structure. Learn more about foundation repairs and how long they last.

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Bay Area Pier Drilling And Foundation Experts

Providing solid support is key to keeping a structure upright and strong for many years. In fact, a solid foundation is the most important part of every structure. A solid foundation protects a structure from settling into the ground unevenly, resulting in cracks and damage. And it helps protect a structure in bad weather conditions like winds or earthquakes. Bay Area pier drilling experts can be an excellent solution for many critical foundation projects. 

What is Pier Drilling 

Pier drilling uses drilled shafts or caissons to support a structure. They are high-load capacity foundation elements that are cast-in-place. They can vary in diameter from 24 to 144 inches and can be used in deep foundation situations in excess of 300 feet. Drilled piers can support between 120 and 150 percent of a structure’s weight. 

The Advantages of Drilled Piers 

Drilled piers can support large axial and lateral loads, and there is great resistance to uplift. Compared to pile driving, the equipment needed for drilled piers is lighter and there is much less noise. They can be used in a wide range of soil and rock conditions and in difficult-to-access situations. Sacramento limited access drilling can accommodate situations where there is low overhead clearance, ventilation challenges, and in difficult locations like drilling over a wall, operating on uneven surfaces or even drilling over water. And drilled piers can be used where there is limited terrain space or in crowded urban settings. 

What to Expect from Your Pier Drilling Foundation Project 

Your contractor will carefully review site access and environmental conditions. They will determine the soil conditions and structural load requirements. And they will identify all safety needs. 

The process that Bay Area drilling experts will use is: 

  • An auger drill is generally used to excavate a hole for the drilled pier. An auger is attached to a steel shaft and rotated under pressure to dig deep into the soil. The soil is raised above the ground and emptied. 
  • After the hole has been drilled to the desired depth, water in the hole is removed and the bottom is cleaned. 
  • A reinforcement cage is inserted into the hole. 
  • Concrete is poured into the dry shaft.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Drilling Company 

Contact Lassiter Excavating, your Bay Area helical pier drilling and foundation professionals. We are experts in retaining wall drilling, construction, pool removal, excavation, trenching, and pier drilling since 1989. We provide exceptional service for both residential and commercial customers.