5 Things to Ask About Stockton Pool Removal

Here are some questions to ask an expert Bay Area pool excavation specialist when considering having your pool removed. Getting acquainted with the process can help.

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What to Ask About Stockton Pool Removal

For either swimming pool demolition and removal, or new swimming pool excavation, it is critical to have a professional Stockton Pool Removal company do the work to achieve reliable quality and peace of mind. 

Why Do Some People Have Their Swimming Pool Demolished and Removed? 

Perhaps the children who once loved the pool are grown and gone. Perhaps the age or health of the homeowners makes pool maintenance problematic. Or, perhaps, the pool has fallen into disrepair and simply needs to be removed. Whenever a pool needs to be demolished and removed, it is time to call an expert Bay Area swimming pool demolition contractor. 

Steps for Bay Area Swimming Pool Demolition 

An expert Bay Area pool excavation contractor will use the following excavation steps to remove or prepare to install a pool: 

Step 1: Examine the property to understand the dynamics of the property’s elevation. They will need to identify the location of the buried cable, water, sewer, and power lines. They will layout the shape of the pool and mark the excavation area.  

Step 2: Prepare the property for access to the large digging equipment. 

Step 3: They will prepare for and do the digging, including understanding the soil composition and any underlying soil and rock conditions to have a solid foundation for the pool. They will also identify a place for the large amount of soil that will be removed. 

Step 4: They will haul away the waste that is excavated from the pool space. 

Use of Helical Piers in Swimming Pool Construction 

Like any enduring structure, a swimming pool needs a solid foundation. If the pool area has poor soil that needs extra support, Helical Piers can be drilled into the ground after the soil is excavated to better support the pool structure. A professional Bay Area swimming pool piers company will be qualified to do this work. 

5 Things to Ask About Your Stockton Pool Removal 

  1. Ask how long the Bay Area swimming pool excavation process will take. 
  2. Ask what the Bay Area pool excavation company will do if they hit rock or water. 
  3. Ask what they will do with the dirt and rocks that will be excavated as well as when it will be hauled off. 
  4. Ask what the excavation process will do to your yard and how the contractor will respect the rest of the landscape. Also, ask how the excavation process will affect your neighbors, including times of the workday, dust, and noise. 
  5. Ask if you can save money by doing the digging yourself. (The answer is no.) 

Reasons to Use a Professional Bay Area Pool Excavation Company 

They will be licensed and insured, will have a proven track record, will be experienced and well-trained, and will be cost-effective in doing their work. 

Choose an Experienced Bay Area Excavation Company 

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