How We Achieve Successful Foundation Drilling

Bay Area pier drilling experts can be an excellent solution for many critical foundation projects.

Bay Area residential foundation drilling

What is Foundation Drilling

A well-designed, professionally constructed, solid foundation is key to the long-term strength and stability of every structure. The foundation supports the weight of an entire structure. It keeps a structure strong and erect while the forces of nature pound on it. It keeps the occupants of a structure safe during severe weather conditions. And it keeps the ground moisture from penetrating a structure and weakening it. A weak, poorly constructed foundation can be dangerous for the occupants of any structure and dangerous to anyone in the neighborhood. Professional Sacramento foundation drilling is key to the long-term strength and safety of any structure. 

Foundation drilling can be used to strengthen and shore-up existing structures and provide a solid foundation for new structures. Foundation drilling requires the use of a drill rig that can bore a shaft or hole deep into the ground. Then, piles can be inserted to provide a strong and stable foundation. It is much more than simply “digging a hole.” It is a highly skilled process that considers soil composition, any nearby construction, access to the site, weather, and specific drilling equipment.  

Drilled shafts, also known as drilled piers, are used to support structures with large lateral loads. Bay Area excavation work is performed to excavate cylindrical shafts into the ground which are then filled with concrete. A pier foundation, then, is a collection of these cylindrical columns that rest on the substrate and support large structure loads. 

What Are the Key Factors for Successful Foundation Drilling 

  • First, an experienced Stockton drilling contractor will study a construction site carefully to review soil conditions and related geological information. That will help them determine what materials and equipment will be needed. 
  • Second, they will understand and follow the local foundation drilling and construction rules and regulations. 
  • Third, they will utilize an experienced team, using correct methods and materials. 
  • Fourth, they will follow proper safety practices to protect their workers and the site from damage. 
  • Fifth, they will follow the prescribed work schedule. 

How We Achieve Successful Foundation Drilling 

Lassiter Excavating, your Bay Area drilling professionals, has been installing foundation piers for our commercial and residential customers for over 20 years. We own and utilize a wide range of drilling equipment that allows us to drill piers in almost any location. And we have a staff of highly experienced operators, project managers, and field support personnel to provide the right solution for any foundation need. 

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