When to Use Helical Pier Drilling

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Helical Pier drilling in the Northern California can be thought of as a system which uses anchors to secure structures to the ground when soil conditions are rather challenging, and where the usage of a more conventional foundation system is not indicated. These piers consist of a steel shaft with helicals that make it look like a very large screw, and help to secure any structure tied to it. It is especially useful for drilling where there is unfavorable ground conditions.

The way the helical pier works is by transferring load from the shaft into the surrounding soil through the spiral plates attached to it. Because of their helical shape, they don’t augur into soil, but instead are screwed into the soil with very little disturbance. Since the helicals are spaced apart, they act as independent, load-bearing components to provide a very secure foundation for structures.

When to Use Helical Pier Drilling

Helical piers can be used in both commercial and residential applications, and are often used in driven piles, mini-piles, and caissons. They are ideal for usage when there is structural damage to a foundation, or when a structure needs to be built in very unstable soil situations. This can be true of ground composed of very soft layers, or when there is a high level of moisture in the soil.

In areas where several neighborhood foundations have sustained damage, it is likely due to poor soil conditions, where pier drilling would be of great benefit. Some of the signs to look for in such areas are: floors that begin to get uneven, doors and window frames that have large gaps when they’re closed, nails popping up in the ceiling, cracking on interior plaster walls, chimneys which begin to lean in one direction or another, and the appearance of cracks in basement walls.

Drilling helical piers can also be very useful for the repair of industrial flooring, because they can be done very quickly, and with minimal disruption to business operations. About the only scenario where you might not want to do pier drilling to secure a foundation is when the bedrock is close to the surface. This is because drilling would be difficult, and the helices would not adhere to the surrounding ground as well.

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