Learn More About Trenching in Excavation

Trenching is widely used in construction as a part of the excavation process. Learn more about when and why trenching is used in this article.

Trenching in Excavation

Trenching is simply creating a hole in the ground by removing dirt, organic material, and rock. Trenches are not very wide and can be any depth. Trenching is widely used in construction for installing underground pipes, sewer, and water lines, drain lines, sprinkler systems, gas systems, electrical or fiber conduit, creating drainage, and building retaining walls.

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What Do Excavating Contractors Do?

Learn more about what excavation is and what projects you will want to hire a skilled excavation company in the Bay Area for.

Excavation is an Important Part of Many Projects

Excavation contractors have an early and significant role in virtually every project dealing with construction or land use. But their work goes well beyond simply “digging in the dirt.”

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Why is Excavation So Important?

Excavation is a lot more than simply digging a hole. Learn more about why excavation is such an important step in construction projects.

Excavation is an Important Step in Construction

Excavation is a lot more than simply digging a hole. Excavation means moving and removing soil and rock from a workplace to form an open hole, trench, tunnel, or cavity. The work can include drilling, trenching, and grading services. Usually, this involves the use of heavy machinery like bulldozers, backhoes, excavators, and forward loaders. Excavation is critical for every construction project because it creates a strong foundation for the project and provides a stable surface for the surrounding property.

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