Why is Excavation So Important?

Excavation is a lot more than simply digging a hole. Learn more about why excavation is such an important step in construction projects.

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Excavation is an Important Step in Construction

Excavation is a lot more than simply digging a hole. Excavation means moving and removing soil and rock from a workplace to form an open hole, trench, tunnel, or cavity. The work can include drilling, trenching, and grading services. Usually, this involves the use of heavy machinery like bulldozers, backhoes, excavators, and forward loaders. Excavation is critical for every construction project because it creates a strong foundation for the project and provides a stable surface for the surrounding property.

What Do Excavation Companies Do?

The functions of an excavation company include site preparation, grading land, leveling, trenching, drilling, and, of course, digging holes. Excavation work is used for foundations, basements, roads, driveways and sidewalks, sewer lines, pipes, drainage, landscaping, and swimming pools.

The complete process includes:

  1. Preparing the land. Before any hole is dug, a professional excavation company will work with other experts such as permit services, utility companies and land surveyors to prepare for the work. Then, the area must be cleared of any obstacles such as trees, logs, boulders, and brush, and the area staked out.
  2. Site excavating, drilling, or digging. The professionals will do grading and smoothing of the soil, demolish any pre-existing structures that are in the way, and then haul away dirt and debris. An expert grading company in the Bay Area will make sure that the soil is prepared so that proper drainage takes place, both on the surface and under the ground. Site work is essential so that the area is stabilized for the construction project and the concerns of erosion or damage due to drainage are handled. The right Bay Area basement excavation company will ensure that a basement stays dry.
  3. Trenching services. An expert Bay Area trenching company will dig the trenches required for foundation footings, utility lines, sewage and drainage pipes, and water pipes.
  4. Additional work may require cut and fill; moving earth from a high area to fill in a lower area.

An expert Bay Area excavation company will also handle the essential acquisition of needed permits as well as manage the project work. That includes planning for drainage, demolition and removal services, trucking, and material delivery.

Keys to Successful Excavation Projects

Excavation is no simple process. It requires expertise in the following areas:

  • The entire scope of the project should be planned out so that all participants have a clear roadmap of the work, ensuring that the excavation will be both successful and safe.
  • A solid schedule should be developed, and the defined steps followed in sequence.
  • Drainage and stormwater management must be addressed to avoid problems with soil erosion and to avoid compromising the structure to be built.
  • Careful planning to avoid compromising any underground utility lines.
  • Good communication and trust are required for project participants so that it can proceed successfully.

Steps to Choose the Right Excavation Company

  1. Determine the nature and requirements of the project.
  2. Consider the experience of candidate companies.
  3. Consider customer satisfaction ratings of candidate companies.
  4. Make sure the company to be selected has the right equipment.
  5. Make sure the company to be selected is bonded, licensed, and insured.
  6. Consider the proposed cost.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Excavation and Foundation Company

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