What Do Excavating Contractors Do?

Learn more about what excavation is and what projects you will want to hire a skilled excavation company in the Bay Area for.

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Excavation is an Important Part of Many Projects

Excavation contractors have an early and significant role in virtually every project dealing with construction or land use. But their work goes well beyond simply “digging in the dirt.”

Types of Excavation Used

Excavation contractors are used to prepare the earth’s surface for a construction project. That can include moving topsoil and removing vegetation from the land, clearing rocky surfaces, removing muck (a messy combination of soil and water,) digging ditches or trenches, grading the land, and digging spaces for basements or swimming pools. But, again, excavation doesn’t just involve digging.

What Services Do They Provide?

Excavating contractors have a valuable role in the initial stages of a project by looking at the complete picture of the work so they know how to complete their important part of the project as well as adding their insights to the work to be accomplished.

Next are site excavation and land preparation. A professional Bay Area excavation company will do the work to clear, grade, and drain the land.

An experienced Bay Area basement excavation company will carve out the basement area and appropriately compact the soil to support the building structure that is anticipated. Underground utilities need to be provided-for, requiring trenching work. 

Pool installation and demolition is another reason to hire a professional Bay Area pool excavation company to ensure the job gets done right.

Road and infrastructure development may be necessary for a large project. In addition, soil erosion planning control may need to be included in the planning.

All these services are part of establishing a strong base or foundation for the complete project. No structure built on a weak, unstable, or poorly prepared foundation will stand for long without future trouble.

Why Hire a Professional Excavation Company?

For most projects of consequence, a professional excavation company should be chosen because they will have the right experience and skills for the work. They will have the right equipment for the job. That may involve specialized or heavy equipment. They will know how to complete the work on-time and on-budget. They will be fully insured and licensed. They will address safety concerns and operate within regulations. They will avoid and reduce any property damage, leaving the area around the project site unharmed. And they will handle the necessary clean-up afterward.

How to Choose a Professional Excavation Company

Use these factors in selecting a professional excavation company:

  • Carefully define the needs of the project.
  • Look for complete experience in that type of project.
  • Research customer experience ratings.
  • Review their available equipment.
  • Select a contractor that is licensed and insured.
  • Evaluate the proposed cost estimate.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Excavation Company

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