Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

Wondering if you need a retaining wall? Read this article before contacting an expert Bay Area retaining wall drilling company.

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Wondering if You Need a Retaining Wall?

Retaining walls are essentially rigid walls that hold back or restrain earth. Retaining walls are used around many homes, schools, and businesses for important functional purposes, to solve landscaping problems and to add beauty. When it’s time to build a retaining wall, contact an expert Bay Area retaining wall drilling company.

Do You Need a Retaining Wall?

You may need a retaining wall if:

  • A structure is near water, or if it is located on a plot of ground that may be subject to flooding.
  • The slope of the property or a hill on the property may create the potential for soil erosion.
  • The slope of the soil surrounding the structure along with potential erosion may pose a risk to the structure’s foundation.
  • A home has a walk-out basement or a garage under the house.

Additional purposes to construct a retaining wall are:

  • To increase usable space in a yard. For example, if a home is built on a slope, a retaining wall can be used to increase the level area to be more usable for the homeowners.
  • To improve water drainage and direct the flow of rainwater thus helping to control erosion.
  • To add privacy to a home or other structure.
  • To be able to safely install a large water feature or swimming pool.
  • To add dimension and beauty to a property.

In each of these instances, a qualified Bay Area retaining wall drilling company is best equipped to create a retaining wall that will last.

Types of Retaining Walls

To avoid the need for Bay Area landslide repair after an issue, consider adding a retaining wall. There are four primary types of retaining walls that can be constructed:

  1. This is the least expensive option. However, due to moisture from the soil, timber retaining walls don’t last as long as other types.
  2. Interlocking blocks can add nice visual appeal as well as provide good durability.
  3. Natural stone. This durable type can be the most visually attractive and can include a variety of shapes and colors to add character to the landscape.
  4. Poured concrete is easiest to install and has the most durability and strength for areas subject to greater pressure.

Some Do’s to Consider

  • Make sure the project is carefully planned and permitted.
  • Make sure the project starts with a solid foundation. An expert grading company in the Bay Area will ensure the ground is properly trenched and graded.
  • Make sure that proper drainage is installed.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Retaining Wall Drilling Company

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