Digging Foundations is Not a DIY Job. Here’s Why.

It’s easy to find videos online to DIY. Your foundation is not one of those things you should try. Here’s Why you should call a Bay Area soil drilling and foundation expert instead.

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Digging Foundations is Not a DIY Job. Here’s Why.

The foundation of any structure is the most important part because it is the element that supports and holds the entire structure in-place and gives it strength and stability. For some projects, a person may ask him/herself, “Can I DIY it and maybe save some money?” With today’s internet resources, it may be easy to find some instructional videos and then simply “give it a go.” But that is not the recommended course of action. Instead, get a reliable professionally constructed foundation by calling an expert Bay Area residential foundation drilling company.

What Does it Take to Dig a Foundation?

Digging a foundation is not as simple as digging a hole to plant a tree. It involves knowledge of the soil conditions. It requires clearing the land and then preparing the foundation site. It requires digging tools which for most foundations will include a hydraulic digger, not a couple of shovels and a wheelbarrow. And it takes accurate measurements, leveling, and construction of framing and footings. A qualified Bay Area soil drilling company will have the materials and skills to do this work.

Why Digging Foundations is Not a DIY Job

Building a foundation that lasts and that won’t compromise a structure is not a simple thing.  Here are the DIY problems:

  1. Having all the proper equipment on-hand to dig the trenches correctly and to the proper depth.
  2. Digging is hard physical labor that can be harmful without the right equipment.
  3. Constructing the bracing to hold back the walls of the trenches safely.
  4. Being aware of underground and overhead powerlines to avoid a deadly shock.
  5. Excavation produces dust and debris that could be very unhealthy without the right breathing apparatus to provide protection.
  6. A foundation piers Bay Area company will have insurance to cover the potential cost of damaged property.

Professionals Will Avoid Foundation Mistakes

An experienced Bay Area residential foundation drilling company will avoid these mistakes that can lead to serious and expensive structural integrity problems:

  • Loose soil
  • Voids
  • Bad prep work
  • Concrete that cures too quickly
  • Surfaces that aren’t properly waterproofed
  • Not getting the right permits

As author Jerry G. West said, “There is no better insurance than the knowledge of how to do something the right way. There is no greater peace of mind than knowing you did it the right way.” So, don’t do it yourself!

Choose an Expert Bay Area Soil Drilling and Foundation Company

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