What is Drilled Pier? Construction of Drilled Piers.

A drilled pier is a deep foundation solution. It is also referred to as a drilled shaft, caisson, bored pile, or cast-in-drilled-hole pile. Learn more in this article.

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Wondering About Pier Drilling?

It is true that without a strong and well-built foundation, no structure can stand. No matter the building’s purpose, size or even beauty, the unseen foundation elements are most critical to an enduring structure. 

A small building, such as a homeowner’s storage shed can usually function well using a simple foundation such as a concrete slab. However, larger buildings typically need a deeper foundation that transfers the weight or load of the building further down into the earth. That is the purpose of a drilled pier. Deeper and more complex foundations are not for the inexperienced construction team. An expert Bay Area pier drilling company is the best and most reliable resource.

What is Drilled Pier?

A drilled pier is a deep foundation solution. It is also referred to as a drilled shaft, caisson, bored pile, or cast-in-drilled-hole pile. Pier drilling is accomplished by excavating a cylindrical shaft deep into the ground and then filling the shaft with concrete. A drilled pier can range in diameter from 24” up to 120” and can be installed in depths ranging up to 300 feet or more.

Pier drilling is used in foundation work when there is:

  • A weak on unstable upper soil layer.
  • Presence of horizontal forces against the foundation.
  • Presence of expansive soils.
  • Presence of uplifting forces in the soil.
  • Serious soil erosion.

An experienced Bay Area drilling company will be qualified to assess the soil conditions and to construct a foundation system appropriate to the conditions faced by the structure to be built.

Pier Drilling Construction

Construction of drilled piers begins with excavation of the piers. A large auger is attached to a drill shaft and the shaft is rotated to dig into the soil. Next, supports are placed into the hole against the soil wall and held fast by steel rings. Last, any water in the shaft is extracted and the bottom of the hole is cleaned. A reinforcement cage is inserted into the hole and concrete is poured.

Benefits and Advantages of Pier Drilling

Pier drilling is used because of the many situations and locations in which it can be used. It has a high load capacity making the structural foundation stronger than a traditional foundation. And, pier drilling is a very cost-effective process.

Its advantages are:

  • A pier of any length and size can be constructed at the site itself.
  • Construction can be accomplished relatively quickly. And design changes can be readily made during the progress of a job.
  • Very large structural loads can be carried.
  • A drilled pier is applicable to a variety of soil conditions and construction considerations.
  • Ground vibration typically associated with driven piles is absent in the case of drilled piers.

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