The Basics of Limited Access Drilling

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Not all construction projects are conducted in wide-open spaces with flat surfaces and solid soil conditions. Rather, sites are becoming increasingly more complex requiring the experience, skills, and equipment of a professional Stockton limited access drilling company. 

What Are Limited Access Drilling Conditions? 

Limited access drilling conditions include drill sites that are too small for a full-size drill rig including space for a typical work crew and their support vehicles. This is often the case for densely developed urban settings. Limited access conditions include having low overhead clearance, surface constraints like drilling on uneven surfaces, off-road locations, and drilling on roads near traffic. Conditions can also include situations where there are noise restrictions and sites that are either environmentally or culturally sensitive. In these settings, an experienced Tracy limited access drilling company can reliably do the work. 

What Does Limited Access Drilling Require? 

Limited access drilling typically requires more time compared to operating in unrestricted conditions. It requires a contractor that is experienced in limited access settings, one that has the equipment for these settings, one that has experience with contingency plans to overcome unexpected challenges in tight spaces, and one that has a strong safety record. 

Helical Drilling is Often Used in Limited Access Drilling 

Pier drilling is frequently used by experienced Sacramento pier drilling specialists for limited access locations. Pier drilling uses an augur to drill deep into the soil. Boreholes are drilled deeply enough to reach a stable surface or bedrock. Then, piers or columns are built that will support a foundation for the intended structure. Piers can include installing micropiles of 2-5 inches in diameter, minipiles of 6-12 inches in diameter, or larger piles that are suited to the overhead weight loads of a structure. Holes are power drilled using a helical augur and the piles are constructed to reach as deep as 200 feet or more, as necessary. Specialized equipment can be used for smaller spaces. An expert drilling team will have the expertise to accomplish pre-construction feasibility testing. They will have good experience with varied soil types and structural conditions to operate successfully in even the most challenging situations. 

How to Choose a Stockton Limited Access Drilling Company 

Choose a company that has extensive experience with limited access drilling. One that has a great reputation for successful pier drilling. A company with a strong safety record. A company that has the right specialty equipment. 

Choose an Experienced Bay Area Drilling Company 

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