Residential Landslide Repair Options

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What Causes Landslides and Where do They Occur? 

Landslide! Not a welcome word. Yet, landslides plus rockslides and mudslides are relatively commonplace in the Bay Area. A landslide simply describes soil movement down a slope, cliff, or mountain side. When a landslide occurs, it is critical to seek the services of experienced Bay Area landslide repair professionals. 

Weather conditions most commonly cause landslides including heavy rains, wet conditions, erosion, and earthquakes. Landslides can range from small ones to large deep-seated ones that can move entire houses down a slope. 

A landslide can occur on steep slopes, on slopes that have become overly top-heavy caused by construction activities or debris accumulation, on slopes that have poor drainage, on or near slopes where landslides or mudslides have previously occurred, on slopes where vegetation has been removed or damaged by a wildfire, in or near the base of a drainage hollow, or in an area where surface runoff is directed. A qualified Sacramento landslide repair contractor can be called-in to address these situations. 

What Are the Impacts of Landslides? 

Landslides can cause extensive damage including destruction of buildings and roads, damage to land and natural resources, broken water, gas, electrical, and sewer lines, and even loss of life. They can pollute or dam streams and rivers, impacting drinking water and fish habitat. They can harm agriculture, cause social disruption, and lead to other serious hazards. 

What Are Common Ways to Prevent Landslides? 

Common ways to prevent landslides include planting vegetation on slopes that are not too steep, building pathways that will proactively divert water and potential debris flows, installing higher capacity drainage systems, or rerouting surface and underground drainage. Temporary prevention methods include using sandbags to divert water and plastic sheeting to protect unstable areas. Additionally, retaining walls can be built.  

Residential Landslide Repair Options 

A major way to repair the soil effects of landslides is to build retaining walls. An experienced Tracy landslide repair company can excavate for retaining walls plus install drilled piers to stabilize slopes and protect an area from further damage, thus enabling landscape repairs to be made. Retaining walls can be built of brick, stone, concrete, block, or wooden posts. A retaining wall must be constructed on level ground. A Sacramento landslide repair expert can excavate deep enough for base material and one course of wall material to be laid down. Soil material will need to be compacted at the base of the trench.  

Sacramento Landslide Repair and Retaining Wall Drilling Company 

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