Safety Factors to Consider Before Starting Bay Area Excavation Work

Having a safety-focused Bay Area excavation company involved in your construction project is crucial. Here are some tips on job site safety.


Bay Area Excavation Safety Tips

Excavation is simply the process of moving soil or rock by cutting a cavity or trench to make space in the earth. Excavation is commonplace in the many construction projects in progress these days. And, safety is a major concern because working in naturally unstable soil and around heavy equipment can result in accidents. That’s why having a safety-focused Bay Area excavation company involved in your construction project is so crucial.

Types of Excavation

Excavation and land preparation are important parts of every construction project. Bay Area excavation work can include the following:

  • Topsoil removal
  • Rock excavation and clearing
  • Muck excavation
  • Large area cut and fill excavation
  • Trench cutting
  • Basement excavation
  • Sediment and debris excavation
  • Drainage and channel work
  • Footing structures

Safety Hazards

Potential safety hazards in excavation work include cave-ins, worker falls or equipment that falls into an excavated area, hazardous atmospheres, injuries involving mobile equipment and contact with utility lines. To avoid injury to people and equipment it is important to select an excavation company that utilizes comprehensive safety training and proper safety procedures.

Safety Factors to Consider Before Starting Excavation Work

As the old expression goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” An expert Bay Area basement excavation company will be prepared to provide the following means of protection from injury and damage:

  • Stairs, ladders or ramps are constructed or provided to allow for safe access and egress for trench excavations.
  • Employees exposed to vehicular traffic are given reflectorized vests or coats.
  • Employees are not allowed underneath areas where loads of digging equipment may fall. Further, they stand away from vehicles loading or unloading materials.
  • Mobile equipment is provided with warning systems to alert operators to hazardous areas.
  • Atmospheres must be tested for hazardous contaminants.
  • Personal protective gear and safety gear are always in use.

Conditions to Monitor for Potential Safety Issues

A qualified Bay Area excavation company will assess the following areas to prepare for any possible safety issues:

  1. What type of soil is involved? This will dictate the use of protective measures such as shoring and trench boxes.
  2. How much water is in the area to be excavated?
  3. Is there vibration from equipment that could shake the ground and loosen the soil dangerously?
  4. Has there been previous excavation in the area to weaken the soil?

Choose an Expert Bay Area Excavation Company

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