The Different Types of Deep Foundations

Foundation matters and there are different kinds! An expert Bay Area foundation drilling company will be able to deliver a reliable and enduring foundation.

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Let’s Look at the Different Types of Foundations

A strong and stable foundation is the starting point for any enduring well-built structure. In fact, the strength of a structure depends on its foundation. The roles of a foundation are first, to support the load of an entire structure, keeping it straight and upright. Second, to keep the structure standing against the forces of nature. Third, to protect the interior of the structure. And fourth, to keep the ground moisture and soil conditions from compromising the structure. The foundation must support the “dead” load—the structure itself, and the “live” load—the structure plus people and other objects. An expert Bay Area foundation drilling company will be able to deliver a reliable and enduring foundation.

Types of Deep Foundations

There are two categories of foundations—shallow and deep, referring to the depth of the foundation in the soil.

Shallow foundations are of three types: wall footings, strip footings and raft or mat foundations.

Deep foundations are of two types:

  • Pile foundation. A pile is essentially a lengthy cylinder of concrete or other material that is driven into the ground. A pile foundation is used to transfer heavy loads from the structure into the ground so the structure can be supported above it. Pile foundations are generally used where soil conditions are not suitable for heavy loads. There are two types of piles. In end bearing piles, the bottom of the pile is driven onto a layer of strong soil or rock. In friction piles, the pile transfers the load of the structure by friction into the soil around it (visualize pushing a stick into a glob of mud.) A foundation piers Bay Area company can do this with confidence.
  • Drilled shaft or caisson foundation. This is a type of deep foundation that uses a drilled shaft plus cast-in-place poured concrete to achieve extra stability. A qualified caisson company in the Bay Area will do this expertly.

Where are Pile Foundations Used?

The type of foundation used for a structure will be determined by the size and weight load of the structure, the soil and site conditions, and other environmental factors.

Pile foundations are typically used where the structure is large and heavy and the soil underlying it is weak. They are also used where there is a high water table or high moisture level in the soil. For all structures, residential and commercial, work with an experienced Bay Area residential foundation drilling company.

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