3 Tips To Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Starting Sacramento Foundation Drilling is only half the project. Learn how to protect your investment in this blog.

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Without a strong foundation, no home will stand because the strength of a home rests on its foundation. When foundation problems occur, it is wise to call expert Sacramento Foundation Drilling contractors.

Why is a Home Foundation So Important? 

  • First, the foundation supports the entire weight of the building including the walls, roof, plumbing, people, and every other component.  
  • Second, the foundation provides a critical anchor against ground movement.  
  • Third, it provides insulative protection against heat and cold. 
  • Fourth, it provides protection against ground moisture. 
  • Fifth, it prevents insect infiltration into the home. 

Foundations are designed to last for many years, but they can be weakened or even damaged and that can result in problems that can be annoying, costly, and even disastrous. When problems occur, Stockton foundation drilling professionals can provide the help you need. 

Why Do Foundations Fail? 

Foundations can fail for several reasons. If the home builder rushed the construction process so that the foundation didn’t cure properly, or perhaps did the construction in inclement weather without making critical adjustments to the process, shrinkage and cracks may occur. Perhaps the soil conditions were problematic so undue pressure built up against the foundation. Planting trees too close to the home can result in root damage to the structure. And, if there are plumbing leaks in the crawl space, that will lead to problems like a sinking and shifting foundation. An experienced Tracy foundation drilling contractor can address these problems. 

3 Tips to Protect Your Home’s Foundation 

It is important to regularly inspect the foundation of your home to ensure that there are no problems. Notice any changes around your property and look for evidence of pooling water near the foundation. 

Use these tips to protect your home’s foundation: 

  • Regularly inspect and clean your gutters so that debris doesn’t accumulate and ensure that water flows properly to the downspouts. Also, make sure that water flows correctly into the downspouts and flows away from the home’s foundation. 
  • Keep foliage away from the home and off the roof. 
  • Make sure the ground slopes away from the foundation. 

When Do You Need Foundation Excavation? 

You will need foundation excavation from a reliable Sacramento foundation drilling company when your basement walls are cracked or buckled and when your basement needs to be waterproofed or weatherized due to water problems. 

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