Why Deep Foundations Are So Important in Construction

A structure’s foundation can’t be an afterthought because it is the very thing that supports and keeps the structure above it solidly together. Learn more from Bay Area excavation experts.

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Learn More About Deep Foundation Work

A structure’s foundation can’t be an afterthought because it is the very thing that supports and keeps the structure above it solidly together. A foundation bears the load of the building, anchors the structure against the forces of nature including wind, earthquakes, and movement of the soil itself and it protects the structure from moisture in the ground. The load of the building includes the “dead weight” of the structure itself and the “live” load, consisting of people in the building and the building’s other contents. To protect a structure and its contents from damage and to create a long life for a structure, it is critical to choose an expert Bay Area deep foundation drilling company. 

What Are Deep Foundations? 

Deep foundations are those used to transfer building loads deep into the earth to create a stable structure.  

There are two primary types of deep foundations. Driven piles are piles that are driven deep into the earth. They can consist of timber, concrete, or steel. Concrete piles can be either pre-cast or cast-in-place. Steel piles are steel members that are driven into the earth, much like a nail is driven into a board. They can be solid steel or hollow, then filled with concrete. Drilled piers use a helical screw to penetrate the earth before constructing the foundation structure. A Bay Area deep foundation drilling company can reliably accomplish this work. 

Why Are Deep Foundations Important? 

Deep foundations are used to achieve greater structural integrity when the soil conditions are not solid enough for a shallow foundation. They are also used when the stability of the soil is questionable, or when the soil is compressible. And, importantly, they are used when a structure has a large load to support. Deep foundations are used to provide extra reinforcement to ensure the strength and stability of the resulting structure. They provide greater safety and peace of mind for a building’s owners and occupants. 

A deep foundation provides an anchor against the forces of nature so that the building retains its structural integrity and can’t be swept away by heavy winds. It also prevents ground moisture from rising and damaging a structure. A Sacramento foundation piers company is expert in deep foundations requirements and construction. The process of deep foundation construction requires expert excavation techniques, knowledge of soils, and skilled drilling practices. 

Why Choose an Expert Foundation Drilling and Excavation Company? 

An expert Bay Area residential foundation drilling company will have the right tools and equipment, and fully skilled employees. They will use high-quality materials that are built to last. They will have a great reputation and a reliable long-standing track record of exceptional work. They will have the required licenses and documentation. 

Chose an Experienced Bay Area Foundation Drilling Company 

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