What Influences the Cost to Remove a Pool?

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No swimming pool lasts forever. At some point, every in-ground swimming pool built will meet the same fate: Demolition. Oh sure, there will be a few hangers-on like old classic cars, but the majority of pools will be removed at some point. The reasons homeowners remove their pools are too numerous to cover in this article, but once this decision is made the cost discussion begins.

What is Involved with Pool Replacement?

When deciding to convert back yard space from pool to another use, multiple factors influence the cost.

Full removal vs. partial removal 

It is naturally much more expensive to carry out a full removal of a pool rather than a partial one. In a partial pool removal, only the upper layer of a pool would actually be removed, and all the rubble would then simply be dropped into the bottom of the hole, with a topsoil covering applied over the whole area. In a full removal, we demolish and haul away all material from the site, and bring in fresh dirt to fill the space. That naturally adds to the cost of trucking material in and out.


No matter where you live in the Bay Area, permits and inspections are part of pool removal. Each city or county has its own guidelines for this process. Consequently, the cost of the removal as well as the permits needed will vary based on where you live.


Accessibility is a huge part of the cost of pool removal. Generally, the cost of the pool removal is relative to the size of the equipment the can be used. The larger the equipment, the better the price. Simply put, small equipment takes more time and large equipment takes less time.

View the videos on our Instagram channel for examples of pool removal in tight spaces.

Planning your landscape

Most all pool removal projects are followed by some type of landscaping. From a cost perspective, it’s a good idea to have your landscaper part of the process. There can be decisions made during pool removal that can save money down the road.

The Best Pool Removal Company? 

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