Seven Reasons Why Homeowners Remove Pools from their Property

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While the idea of having a pool on your property is attractive, people who already have them often decide to have them removed, especially once children grow up and leave home.

Seven reasons swimming pool owners “pull it out”

  1. Properly and regularly maintaining the pool is expensive, but stinting on maintenance can reduce the pool’s life expectancy by as much as half. This could lower the value of your home if you decide to resell it. If no one is using it, why spend that money?
  2. Half of your home’s energy bill could go to heating and filtering the pool, depending on the type of system you have.
  3. Paying a service to clean your pool weekly is expensive, and is often unreliable.
  4. With saltwater pools, you have to add acid regularly to keep the pH balanced. Neglecting this can result in the salt breaking down into chlorine gas or hydrochloric acid. This would force you to drain the pool, dumping the water into your yard or storm drain. This can be hazardous to the environment, which is an issue in most Bay Area communities. Saltwater can also lead to rust and the erosion of stainless steel ladders, which could cost you hundreds of dollars to replace.
  5. Poor maintenance, or even just a period of heavy rain, can allow algae to bloom.
  6. Homeowners in the Bay Area often prefer not to use chlorine to keep their pools clear and clean. Most of the eco-friendly or green pool products that promise to keep your pool clean and clear don’t work nearly as well, though, forcing the owner to maintain the pool more actively.
  7. Finally, the pool is a liability. You are responsible for the safety of visitors and guests in your home. You need to control access and monitor their behavior while using your pool.

Pool maintenance time and expense are worth it if the pool is used multiple times weekly. If not, homeowners often reconsider keeping it. If you do decide to remove your pool, call us. We have removed hundreds of pools over the last two decades.

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