Using Piers and Piles to Shore Up Sagging Foundations

helical pier drilling foundation fix

Pier drilling and pile driving are techniques used for driving pier or piles into the ground underneath a structure to shore up sinking or sagging building foundations, bringing them back to their proper level and preventing further foundation settlement.

Also called “piering,” this method involves the use of strategically placed mechanical jacks to slowly and carefully lift the settled foundation beam to grade. Once raised, the beam is held to elevation by attaching it firmly to the piers.

There are two common types of foundation piers:

  • Push Piers – These are galvanized/coated steel pipe which are installed by driving them through the soil using a hydraulic ram.
  • Helical Piers – With these we use screw piles with steel shafts which are installed by being screwed into the ground with a hydraulic torque motor.

Advantages of Foundation Piers

Stable and durable structures

Using piers is the best option to make foundation repairs on buildings built very deep into the soil (as opposed to slab foundations, which might benefit from slabjacking.) Piers can be installed much further into the soil than the foundation that is already in place, leveraging the soil itself to provide the structure the needed solidity and stability.

The pier is also set deep enough so that it will be independent of variations in soil moisture that can cause settling. Piers are also placed to properly distribute the load without creating any uneven stress on the foundation.

Less costly

Using piers is less costly and more practical than replacing or reconstructing some or all of the foundation. This technique saves the building owner money because the time and manpower to install the piers requires fewer operators and workmen to do the job than the more involved foundation reconstruction.

Lower Property Impact

Pile driving and pier drilling do not need a lot of space around the structure for crews to operate. The piers come in manageable sizes, and the crews do not bring in many pieces of heavy equipment during installation. Also, once the piers have been installed, the soil extracted during installation is put back and flattened.

Lassiter Excavating installs foundation piers for commercial and residential structures.

Lassiter Excavating has been installing foundation piers for our commercial and residential customers for well over two decades. We own a wide range of drilling equipment that can drill piers in almost any location, from room additions to bridge abutments and everything in between. Our drilling teams have drilled in excess of 100,000 linear feet of piers, from 12 inches to 60 inches in diameter.

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