How to Identify Home Foundation Problems

how to identify home foundation issues

A home’s foundation is its first line of defense against the elements. When a foundation is strong, then the whole structure has a high level of integrity. In order to make sure that your building stays strong, there is a need for regular inspections. This kind of action enables you to detect small glitches and plug them before they get out of hand. However, it is hard to get there when you don’t know the signs that raise the red flag.

Below is a handy guide to help you identify various home foundation problems:

Inflated basement walls

When soil below your basement expands, it puts pressure on the walls and makes them bow in an unnatural way .This causes serious integrity issues that could balloon if not detected early and nipped in the bud.

Sloping floors

The conventional floors we know of have a zero to acute slant, depending on the room involved. However, when the slant deepens, then that is a major red flag. It means that part of the load carried by your foundation is shifting under pressure being exerted from below. This type of problem will require minor repairs as long as action is taken before the structure keels over.

Sinking floors or foundation

The foundation of a house needs to keep steady even in the face of strong elements. When this part cannot hold on to the anchor, then it slowly starts sinking in. This could be caused by flooding or general loosening of the soil below. Professionals are able to assess the intensity of such a problem and plug it long before it robs you of a home.

Erratic patterns of windows and doors

Sometimes, you notice that your doors and windows are bulging towards the outside of the house. At times, they even fail to shut or open comfortably. This is evidence that your house is settling, and that may not be a comforting signal.


These could appear both on the interior or exterior of your home, depending on the vortex of the area of weakness. Following cracks leads you to their source, which most of the time is the foundation.

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