Pool removal – What to do With an Unwanted Pool

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For most homeowners, a time comes when your pool receives less and less attention, and falls into disuse. This is often because children grow up and go out on their own. As parents grow older, they simply don’t have as much interest in swimming and water-lounging as they did when the kids were still around. That leaves you with the prospect of removing an unwanted pool, as opposed to maintaining it year after year. Here are some less common pool removal possibilities which you could consider.

Different Options for Pool Removal


Pool demolition in the Bay Area, including complete removal or partial demolition of your in-ground pool, is the most common solution, as we have written about before. Some folks take less standard approaches, though. Here are few we have seen.

Leave it in place; Cover it Over

This option also requires the involvement of a professional, since it is sometimes necessary to install equipment to continually pump out water that seeps in from the water table. This can be less costly than full removal, but limits your ability to re-purpose the space. It will allow you to build a deck or other outdoor structure over the empty in-ground pool, although the position of the old pool in your yard may make this an awkward fit. And you need to full secure the pool space underneath so that small children cannot fall in, and animals cannot take up residence.

Fill it without full excavation

This is rare, because it could lower the value of your property, but you can convert your in-ground pool into a garden space by filling it part-way with soil. You would have to have holes drilled in the bottom of the pool so water can drain out easily. Frankly this option is only used when the cost of removal is truly an issue. Ninety-nine times out of 100, full or partial excavation makes the most financial sense.

Convert it Into a pond

Believe it or not, this has been done! Converting your pool into a pond can add an unusual new attraction in your back yard, and with sufficient investment of time and money, it could add value and visual appeal to your home. But, it is even harder and costlier to maintain than the old pool! And, while chlorinated water doesn’t attract mosquitoes, a pond will.

The Bay Area Pool Removal Experts

Whatever your ideas may be for pool removal in the Bay Area, you should contact the pool removal experts at Lassiter Excavating Inc., to have it done professionally, and with minimum hassle. To be sure the job is done right, and that it’s done right on the very first attempt, you should work with the company that has performed pool removals in the Bay Area for years. Call (925) 449-3112 today for a free quote, and take advantage of the industry’s best customer service, provided by Lassiter Excavating, Inc. You can also contact us online in case it is after hours.