The Perfect Homeowner’s Guide to Pool Removal

swimming pool demolition process

There comes a time when swimming pool demolition makes just as much sense as installing a pool did some years ago, when it got a lot of usage. But the kids have grown up now, and moved out on their own, and no one really uses the pool much anymore. So now you go through the hassle of opening it and closing it each year for just those few occasions when family members visit, or when you’re really in the mood. The time is right to remove the pool, and reclaim the space in your back yard for more practical usage and greater aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Demolition and Removal

As mentioned above, with the pool gone you won’t have to go through all the annual maintenance of keeping it in good usable condition – and you won’t have to worry about any of the dangers of liability that pool ownership entails. For instance, if there are any youngsters living nearby, there’s always the possibility that they could wander in and create a hazardous situation.

You’ll also have a large area of space available in the yard for whatever attractive landscaping you might want to install. Lastly, if you should decide you want to sell your home, you’ll probably be increasing the number of potential buyers, because many buyers simply won’t be interested in a home with a pre-installed pool. Pool removal will help make your home more attractive to a greater segment of people shopping for real estate.

Methods of Pool Removal

There are four basic methods for pool removal, as described below:

  1. Partial Fill-In
    This is the most common approach and the least expensive. Using this method calls for draining it, then punching holes in the bottom of the pool and demolishing the upper section, and allowing it to fall in. Then additional dirt or fill is used to cover the whole area, as if it were never there.
  2. Supervised Partial Fill-In
    This method is the same as the one above, except that it must be supervised by an engineer, per local regulations.
  3. Full Removal
    After the pool has been drained, literally every component of the original installation is dug out and hauled away from the site, then the site is back-filled in and covered over.
  4. Supervised Full Removal
    Similar to a full removal approach, except that the local authorities require the presence of a qualified engineer to ensure that the job is done in accordance with regulations.

The Bay Area Pool Removal Experts

When you’re ready for swimming pool demolition in the Bay Area, and to reclaim that valuable yard space, the company to call is Lassiter Excavating, Inc. Contact us for a free estimate to have your pool removed, we’ll be glad to discuss options which meet your needs and are the most affordable of any company in the Bay Area.