Safety Tips for Excavation and Drilling in Wet Weather

Wet weather poses challenges and safety concerns on construction sites. Professionals follow protocols to stay safe.

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Excavation and Drilling in Wet Weather

Wet weather poses challenges and safety concerns on construction sites. When wet weather (not just a few sprinkles) occurs, a line from the musical production “The Music Man” comes to mind: “Oh yes we got trouble…” However, an expert Bay Area trenching and excavation company will know how to successfully handle potential safety and excavation risks in wet weather.

What Problems Can Wet Weather Cause?

Beyond being simply unpleasant to work in, extremely wet weather can cause many safety hazards including reduced visibility and slippery conditions for the drivers of equipment, causing the ground to be slippery and muddy thereby creating the possibility of slips and falls, and making the site work less stable, provoking the possible collapse of drilling and excavation cuts into the soil. Delays may result, but the more serious concerns of equipment and site damage, and worse, injury to human life, may even result.

Steps to Take to Ensure a Safe Excavation Site

A professional Bay Area foundation drilling company will take these steps to ensure a safe excavation site and a successful construction project:

  • Construction site workers will be trained to recognize wet weather hazards including the limitations of workers and manpower. And they will take the necessary steps to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • Workers will use the appropriate equipment and tools and use them in the right way.
  • The work site will be well-organized and maintained to promote safety.
  • Workers will wear appropriate protective equipment including eye protection gloves.
  • Layered clothing will be used in colder weather and to allow for temperature fluctuations.
  • Reliable safety shoes with secure soles for working in wet weather will be worn.
  • Tie-downs will be used to secure items and to protect the site itself and the workers.
  • Project pauses will be used if the open trenches, scaffolding, pits, and wells become unsafe during heavy rain or heavy wind.

Safety Tips for Excavation and Drilling in Wet Weather

These safety tips will be used by a professional Bay Area foundation drilling company:

  1. Check the weather conditions before daily work to be aware of rain and storm possibilities.
  2. Inspect trenches every day before construction begins. Workers don’t go near unprotected trenches.
  3. Heavy equipment is kept away from trench edges.
  4. Workers are trained to have the skills needed to identify wet weather hazards and how to minimize risks.
  5. Protective equipment is always worn (and worn correctly.)
  6. All power tools are correctly maintained and used properly.
  7. Protective systems including benching, sloping, shoring, and shielding are utilized.
  8. Planning and implementation of safety systems and inspections are used regularly on the construction site.

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