Using Helical Piers for Foundation Problems

To repair or strengthen and ensure a strong foundation, Bay Area soil drilling experts often utilize helical piers. Learn more in this informative blog.

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Using Helical Piers for Foundation Problems

No one wants foundation problems because a good foundation provides strength and stability for the structure above it. However, the soil beneath a structure can shift due to dramatic temperature changes, rainy seasons followed by droughts, problematic initial construction, or other issues. To repair or strengthen and ensure a strong foundation, Bay Area soil drilling experts often utilize helical piers.

What are Helical Piers?

A helical pier is a steel pin or shaft with helix-shaped blades welded to the shaft, so it looks somewhat like an oversized screw. The pin is screwed deep into the soil to adequate depths for the size and weight of the structure using hydraulic equipment. The helical shafts are spaced at predetermined intervals required to support the weight of the structure. They can hold any weight up to over five hundred tons and can last over a hundred and twenty years. Experts in excavation and drilling are well-equipped to install helical piers.

When are Helical Piers Used?

Helical piers are used by pier drilling Bay Area professionals in both residential and commercial applications to:

  • Lift a structure back to its proper level position, helping to close cracks caused by settlement.
  • Prevent any structure from settling further.
  • Stabilize lighter structures that have settled.
  • Assist in a basement waterproofing process.
  • Support a structure in high water content areas or areas of soil instability.

Helical piers can be used by Bay Area soil drilling experts for:

  • New home or other new structure construction.
  • Stabilizing structures such as decks or patios.
  • Permanent foundation stabilizing.

Benefits of Helical Pier Drilling

Bay Area drilling experts use helical piers for these benefits:

  1. Easy installation. Helical piers are installed by drilling experts using a hydraulic torque tool to drive them into their proper position. This is much quicker than creating a concrete foundation.
  2. Rapid results. As soon as the piers are installed, they are ready to bear the intended weight. Unlike a concrete foundation which requires time for excavation, pouring, and curing, helical piers do their work immediately, enabling construction to proceed without delay.
  3. Helical piers can be used to shore up retention walls, they can fit into areas where space is limited, they can be added inside and outside of a structure, and they can be used where a concrete foundation can’t be dug deeply.
  4. Eco-friendly. Helical pier drilling doesn’t require a lot of soil moving or landscaping disturbance.
  5. Broad usage. They work for existing structures and new builds.
  6. Excellent cost savings. This process doesn’t require a large crew and the steps of a concrete foundation, including clearing the area, excavating the ground, hauling off debris, and pouring the concrete.

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