4 Benefits of Adding a Retaining Wall To Your Landscape

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Retaining Wall Info in the Bay Area

If your property has areas that are sloped or elevated, a retaining wall can be an important (and attractive) addition to your landscape. A retaining wall can be constructed of concrete blocks, natural stones, wood, or bricks and it is designed to keep the soil behind it contained. Built correctly using an experienced Sacramento retaining wall drilling company, a retaining wall will be solid, long-lasting, and will increase the value of your home and property.  

The benefits of adding a retaining wall include: 

  • Providing critical structural support for large masses of soil. The wall can act as a barrier to prevent soil from sliding forward during a landslide, thus providing safety for a home and its occupants as well as protecting the features of the yard. 
  • Preventing soil erosion by reducing the angle or gradient of the yard, thus providing a way for water to soak into the soil rather than run off the surface in a raging torrent. Similarly, it can provide flood control. 
  • Adding functional space to the yard by reducing hillside spaces or creating terraces. The newly “liberated space” can be used for a patio, entertainment area, garden area, sports area, or simply expanded yard space that can be attractively landscaped.  
  • Creating a new aesthetic feature for the yard. When well-designed, a retaining wall will be well-integrated into the landscape design and can be constructed of attractive materials. 

Things to Consider Before Building a Retaining Wall 

Some key things to consider before building a retaining wall include the location of the retaining wall, making sure that there is proper drainage, choosing the right materials, and setting a solid foundation for the wall. A skilled Bay Area drilling company should be used to excavate and build a solid foundation. 

How to Start Building a Retaining Wall 

Building a retaining wall starts with planning the location, measuring the space, and marking it off. Then an experienced Sacramento retaining wall drilling company will dig a trench and level the ground. 

How to Choose an Excavation Contractor 

Creating a solid foundation is critical to constructing an enduring retaining wall. Look for a contractor that is experienced, licensed, and insured. For tight spaces, choose a limited access drilling expert with special equipment and experience in dealing with tight spaces. 

Choose an Expert Bay Area Drilling and Excavation Company 

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