Reasons to Use Retaining Walls on Commercial Properties

Retaining walls are much more than decoration. Learn more about the uses from an experienced Bay Area retaining wall drilling company.

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Reasons to Use Retaining Walls on Commercial Properties 

When someone says “retaining wall,” you might think of the attractive wall that your neighbors had built to enhance their landscaping. But a retaining wall is much more than decoration. There are significant uses of retaining walls for both residential and commercial properties. In both cases, to get the quality that you can rely on for many years, contact a professional Bay Area retaining wall drilling company.

What Are the Reasons to Use Retaining Walls on Commercial Properties?

There are many reasons to use retaining walls on commercial properties. Most often, the primary purposes are to protect the property from damaging erosion, avoid flooding, and improve property drainage. No building owner wants to invest a significant amount of money into a structure only to have it damaged by water.

Retaining walls can create additional usable space by creating a flat area or making a slope useful. Both can help simplify and reduce the cost of property maintenance.

Retaining walls can be used to create properly sloping ramps to improve wheelchair access.

As with residential uses, commercial retaining walls can improve the appearance of a property by defining spaces and adding visual interest to the landscape, thus adding value to the property. Additionally, a retaining wall can enhance privacy for the property.

An expert Sacramento retaining wall drilling company will have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to install retaining walls that will serve the important needs of the commercial property.

Retaining Wall Conditions

Building a retaining wall is not as simple as connecting a bunch of bricks. It must be built to resist the horizontal pressure against it. It must be properly proportioned to resist lateral pressure and to be safe from any conditions of sliding. It must be built to restrict the accumulation of water behind the wall and allow for proper drainage. An experienced Bay Area Grading company will know how to prepare the site properly for the wall to be constructed in a stable manner.

What Are the Types of Retaining Walls?

The types of retaining walls include:

  • Gravity walls. These walls are built of heavy materials like concrete and stone and use their sheer weight and mass to secure the soil behind them. The base of these walls is usually thicker than the top area.
  • Anchored walls. These walls are anchored into the ground using cables attached to concrete behind the walls.
  • Cantilever walls. These walls use steel-reinforced concrete with a base slab.
  • Gabion walls. These are walls that use a wirework structure filled with rock or broken concrete.
  • Bored pile walls. These are used for deep basements and in situations with adjacent structures that need support. An expert drilling company will install these skillfully.

Choose an Expert Sacramento Retaining Wall Drilling Company

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