The Price of Pool Ownership

What it costs to own a pool.

I was thinking the other day (dangerous as that is) that I’m not reminded of the cost of anything as much as I am my swimming pool. A month never goes by that I don’t receive bills that remind me that I own a swimming pool. There’s my PG&E bill, the pool maintenance bill, the water bill, and the pool repair bill—not to mention the numerous trips I take every month to the local pool supply store. And about the time I thought I was cured of swearing. Continue reading “The Price of Pool Ownership”

What is Pier Drilling and What are the Advantages

Pier drilling is a drilling method used for drilling deep holes in the earth for constructing concrete cylindrical foundations.

A pier drilling company uses this drilling method mainly to transfer the load of the building to the subsurface layers of the earth at different depths. Continue reading “What is Pier Drilling and What are the Advantages”

To Remove Your Pool or Not To Remove Your Pool

Are you on the diving board of the decision to remove your swimming pool?

Here are some facts that may help you take the plunge.

It’s estimated that homes with swimming pools consume as much as 30 percent to 50 percent more energy per year than homes without pools. There are factors that attribute some of the energy to other things, but there is no dispute about the fact that pools consume lots of energy. Continue reading “To Remove Your Pool or Not To Remove Your Pool”