What Causes Foundation Damage?

Learning what causes foundation damage may help you prevent a visit from Sacramento foundation drilling experts. Read on to learn more.

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Causes of Damage to Foundation 

Foundation damage is a serious problem for a home or other structure because the foundation supports and helps ensure the integrity of the entire structure. And here’s the thing, foundation problems can lead to expensive repairs. When foundation problems are observed or suspected, it’s time to call the Sacramento foundation drilling experts to get the work done professionally.

Signs of Foundation Damage

The signs of foundation damage include:

  • Cracks in the base of the foundation.
  • Vertical cracks on the foundation or on the interior walls.
  • Bowing basement walls.
  • Sagging crawl space floors.
  • Leaning chimneys.
  • Cracks on walls, windows, and door openings.
  • Cracked or broken windows, with no evidence of other trauma.
  • Uneven or sticking windows or door frames.
  • Interior floors that are slanting, buckling, or uneven.
  • Sinking porches.
  • Damaged or broken water pipes and water intrusion or damage.

What Causes Foundation Damage?

Foundation damage can be caused by a variety of issues including poor pre-construction soil preparation like improperly compacted fill soils, plumbing leaks, drainage problems, clay shrinkage, and tree roots from trees growing too close to the structure. Of course, earthquakes, floods, or droughts can also compromise a structure. When any of these issues take place, an experienced Sacramento soil drilling and foundation repair company can address the damage and shore-up the foundation.

How to Fix Foundation Damage Problems

It is important to be alert and observant for any possible foundation problems by examining the structure regularly. If problems are observed, choose a qualified Sacramento foundation drilling company to do the specialized repair work.

A specialist will professionally inspect the structure to determine the cause of the problems and recommend repair solutions. Then, digging around the foundation to get to the root point of the problem may be performed by a Sacramento soil drilling company.

Helical Piers Can be an Ideal Solution for Foundation Problems

Helical piers are a reliable and affordable way to repair a foundation and protect a structure. Helical piers also referred to as piles, anchors, or screwpiles, are deep foundation solutions that are easy to install because they don’t require large excavation. Rather, they thread or screw into the ground. The use of helical piers involves minimal installation time, requires little soil disturbance, and effectively transfers the weight of the structure into load-bearing soil. Helical piers can be used on new construction as well as to effectively accomplish foundation repair work on structures of many sizes. They are exceptionally effective for large structures and Sacramento deep foundation drilling experts can accomplish that work dependably.

Helical piers offer these additional advantages:

  • Suitable for environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Ideal for unstable soil areas or areas with high groundwater areas.
  • Reliable for structures subject to above-average seismic or wind exposure.

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