Top 10 Reasons to Remove Your Pool

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Are you considering removing your swimming pool? You’re not alone. Every year, many homeowners choose to get rid of their pools. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all reason for removing a pool, many factors can make your pool not worth keeping and maintaining.

Here are the top reasons for pool removal.

1. No one uses the pool

This is a very common reason for pool removal. A swimming pool may have been a justifiable investment when your kids were little. If they’ve all grown up and moved on, there’s no point of keeping your expensive pool if you seldom use it.

2. It takes up too much space

If your swimming pool is nearly as big as your yard, it can prevent you from utilizing your yard for other activities. You’ll not be able to engage in other fun activities during the summer or enjoy your backyard during the colder seasons when the pool is closed.

3. It’ll prevent you from adding onto your home

Depending on where the pool is located on your property, it may get in the way of the home addition you’re planning to build. In such a case, you’ll have to remove the pool to proceed with your plans.

4. The remodeling costs are unjustifiable

Are the tiles broken or the plaster peeling? Does the concrete or pool deck need resurfacing? These services are usually expensive and may not be worth investing in, depending on how often you use the pool.

5. The repair costs are excessive

Pool repairs can add up fast and become insurmountable. A cost comparison of remodeling a pool compared to removing it generally shows it costs twice as much to remodel.

6. You want to eliminate liability worries

The insurance required for a house is higher when it has a swimming pool. If you’re moving out and looking to rent the property, removing the pool helps you lower your insurance costs and legal liabilities.

7. The house you’ve bought has a pool

If you’re in the market for a home and you find the one you have been dreaming of, but your dream didn’t include a pool, don’t let that unwanted swimming pool spoil your dream. Removing a pool is an inexpensive, fast, no fuss process that should never stop anyone from getting the home they want.

8. There are high maintenance costs

Buying cleaning equipment and chemicals, winterizing and prepping the pool for summer are some of the activities that can make monthly and yearly maintenance to be a drain on your wallet. Getting rid of the pool may be the cheaper option.

9. The pool poses a safety risk

Unfortunately, pools must be supervised even if they are used or not. An unused pool is potentially more dangerous because of the out of sight out of mind phenomenon. Many pools have been removed for that reason alone. It’s just not worth the panic feeling when a child or elderly person in the home is missing.

10. You want a more energy-efficient home

To keep your pool running, you have to use energy. You’ll also need to use a significant amount of water to fill it. All these may increase your utility bills significantly. If these costs aren’t equal to the benefit you’re deriving from the pool, it may be best to have it removed.

While a pool may be the ultimate luxury on paper, it can be stressful and costly to run in reality.

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