Life Timeline of a Backyard Swimming Pool

swimming pool demolition

When we think about swimming pools the first thing that comes to mind is fun in the sun and kids having the time of their lives.

When we have a pool constructed in our backyard, we expect a lot of fun moments to be spent around it and we are rarely disappointed. The best time to have a pool in your backyard is the time when the kids are still growing because let’s face it, kids can spend the whole afternoon in the pool and still go back in the water at night if you let them.
Every pool has a time when it is the center of attraction and the kids keep having friends over “because there is a pool at home.” These are the first ten to fifteen years of pool ownership. We pool owners don’t give a single thought to the downside of having a swimming pool. It is all bliss as everyone agrees that your home is the best gathering place. These are the times we wish to go back to when we think about the “happy days” of owning a swimming pool.

A pool, like everything else in the home, has a life cycle. What this means is the pool fulfills a need that we had at a certain time. However, as time moves on our needs change and unfortunately the pool eventually falls under the class of things we don’t need. Many homeowners don’t really give much thought to what they are going to do with their swimming pool when they no longer need it. Well, the truth of the matter is that no swimming pool lasts forever. Many pool owners don’t even think to remove the pool and stay with the unwanted pool for years just wishing they could reclaim the space it takes up.

I have been in the California pool-demolition business for more than 20 years and I have met with hundreds of pool owners who decide to do away with the pool.

I will tell you though, that the decision is not an easy one. There is an irrevocability tied to it that makes it difficult to let go of the pool. Indeed, it is hard to remove such a powerful reminder of the good times. Finding a contractor that can help you with you pool removal dilemma is easier these days than it has ever been. Large cities are awash with contractors that can do this for you. All you need to do is type “pool demolition contractor” on your search engine and you should be able to find one.

As for the happy days of pool ownership, you need not worry as more happy days lie ahead. The space can be turned into a serene outdoor living space and what’s more most homeowners design the space to their specifications.

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