Spotting and Repairing a Sinking Foundation

Spotting and addressing foundation issues can help with keeping costs down. Here are some pointers from a Foundation Piers company in the Bay Area.

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Keeping an Eye on Your Foundation is Important

A strong foundation is critical for the structural integrity of a building and for the safety of its occupants. Only with a strong foundation can a building remain standing for decades. When foundation problems become evident it is time to call an expert Bay Area foundation piers company promptly.

What Can Cause Foundation Problems?

The most common causes of foundation problems include water in and around a foundation. Excessive moisture can cause a foundation to swell and shrink and the weight of the structure can cause the foundation to move and crack. Expansive soils such as those with high clay content can cause pressure on a foundation. As well, expansive soils don’t settle evenly which can cause a foundation to crack or settle. Poor construction can also cause problems if drainage has not been properly planned or if soil conditions have not been well assessed. A qualified Bay Area drilling company that is expert in foundation and excavation work can assess and remedy the foundation issues.

How to Spot Foundation Problems

These interior signs may indicate that you have foundation problems: creaky or uneven floors, sagging or warping floors, sticking doors or windows, large cracks in the drywall or floors, large cracks in the basement walls (a big sign of trouble,) and moisture in the building’s crawl space. On the outside of a building, these signs are all clear signs of trouble: large foundation cracks, major vertical or stair-step cracks in the brick or stucco, exterior steps that are pulling away from a building, and exterior walls or corners of a foundation that are somewhat off or are sinking. These problems can indicate that it is time for an expert Bay Area footing piers company to go to work for you.

How to Repair a Sinking Foundation

The most effective method to address foundation settlement issues involves installing piers, which are also referred to as underpinnings or pilings. This method essentially transfers the weight of a structure to a more stable area deeper under the structure.

Piers or cylindrical columns that support the superstructure are installed by drilling into the soil using steel shafts that have helices welded onto them so that the shafts are essentially screwed into the soil. Two types of foundations can be installed this way. One is masonry or concrete piers, and the other is drilled caissons that have weight-supporting shapes or even steel cores in their design.

An expert Bay Area foundation piers company uses this approach because the method offers a variety of designs to accomplish the structural support. This method saves money and time since it requires less extensive excavation and less concrete.  And it causes minimal disruption to the area around the excavation.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Foundation Repair Company

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