Signs You Need Deck Repair

A deck can be a beautiful addition to a home and outdoor living space. Our Bay Area deck piers company offers some advice on how to know if it needs repairs.

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Signs You Need Deck Repair

A deck can be a beautiful addition or extension to one’s home. But having a beautiful deck goes well beyond nicely decorating it. Rather, keeping a deck in good shape is critical to continuing to enjoy it safely. And a safe deck structure requires solid footings and piers that are properly placed and installed. When a deck experiences structural problems, it is time to call an expert Bay Area deck piers company.

6 Signs You Need Deck Repair

These signs indicate that there are problems that need to be addressed for safety as well as enjoyment purposes:

  1. The railings move when touched or they are beginning to deteriorate. Railings aren’t there for cosmetic purposes. They exist to keep someone from falling off the deck.
  2. The deck boards are curling, splintering, or cracking.
  3. There is severe wood discoloration or rotting.
  4. The wood support posts and beams are beginning to rot.
  5. The concrete footings are heaving or dropping due to movement in the soil.
  6. Soil erosion is noticed around the footings and deck posts which could destabilize the deck.

To ensure that a deck has solid footings and piers, call a qualified Bay Area footing piers company to create a solid foundation for the structure.

Decks Need Good Footings

Installing a solid foundation for a deck to ensure its structural integrity starts with footings—poured concrete that goes below the frost line to prevent the deck structure from heaving. Building a deck with footings ensures that water can drain under the deck, keep the air flowing under the deck, protect the vertical piers from moisture in the ground, and ultimately stabilize the deck itself.

Generally, footings are used if the deck will be higher than one’s waist and larger than 100 square feet. The number of footings will depend on the shape and size of the deck, the size of the beams, and the intended weight load of the deck. For example, if there is a hot tub on the deck, the required number and size of footings and the number of piers will be significantly greater.

Proper installation of footings requires consideration of the soil conditions, climate conditions, slope, and drainage conditions. An expert Bay Area footing piers company will know how to deal with these conditions.

Decks Need Strong Piers

Deck piers are columns or posts that are inserted into the concrete footings. In many cases, deck piers will be made of treated lumber. On some decks, deck piers will be made of iron or steel to support heavier weights. If the footings or piers need to be drilled deep into the soil, a Bay Area foundation drilling company will be qualified to do the work.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Deck Piers Company

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