How Retaining Walls Help Drainage Issues

Experiencing soil erosion or problems of water drainage on a property may prompt the need for a retaining wall. There are also some other uses and benefits of a retaining wall.

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Retaining Walls Work

Retaining walls are commonly used around homes, businesses, schools, and more. They are simply a structure that holds soil behind it. Experiencing soil erosion or problems of water drainage on a property may prompt the need for a retaining wall, but there are also some excellent other uses and benefits of a retaining wall. A professional Bay Area retaining wall drilling company can prepare the soil and area to support a great retaining wall.

What Do Drainage Issues Cause?

The flow of water can be a powerful force. If water is in the wrong places or if water flow is not controlled properly, severe structural damage can result. Undirected downspout water, hillside runoff, pooling, and saturated soil can destroy landscaping, damage foundations, undercut structural features such as driveways, walkways, walls, patios, and decks, and cause destabilizing soil erosion that could compromise other nearby structures. Bay Area soil drilling experts can help prevent such damage. And when damage occurs, a qualified Bay Area landslide repair company should be contacted to assist in a beneficial retaining wall project.

What Do Retaining Walls Do?

Retaining walls can:

  1. Prevent property damage in specific locations that may be subject to severe rainstorms, flash floods, or significant water runoff from a location above the property.
  2. Protect against soil erosion from water flow. That may occur if a neighbor overwaters a nearby yard or experiences a water pipe leak.
  3. Protect structural foundations.
  4. Provide a defining boundary marker between neighboring properties. And it could also protect property from improper access.
  5. Add an attractive element to a property. Many excellent materials can be used to lift the aesthetic appeal of a property including boulders, manufactured stones and blocks, bricks, and wood.
  6. Create and define entertainment areas such as an outdoor kitchen or firepit area.
  7. Create additional seating areas.
  8. Provide more or make better use of property and landscaping space. This can include using retaining walls that create areas suitable for planting flower beds or attractive bushes and perhaps gardening areas. These areas can be segmented for different purposes too.

Building a strong and enduring wall takes expertise and preparing the soil area properly also requires the expertise of an experienced grading company in the Bay Area.

Don’t DIY a Retaining Wall

By calling in the right Bay Area retaining wall drilling experts and other landscape professionals, these mistakes will be avoided:

  • Not checking with authorities before beginning the digging.
  • Not planning and creating the proper groundwater drainage.
  • Not doing the backfill correctly.
  • Choosing the wrong materials for the location and climate conditions.
  • Putting too much weight behind the wall.
  • Having improper or poorly prepared ground conditions.
  • Having inadequate or improper footings.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Retaining Wall Drilling Company

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