The Price of Pool Ownership

pool ownership cost

What it costs to own a pool.

I was thinking the other day (dangerous as that is) that I’m not reminded of the cost of anything as much as I am my swimming pool. A month never goes by that I don’t receive bills that remind me that I own a swimming pool. There’s my PG&E bill, the pool maintenance bill, the water bill, and the pool repair bill—not to mention the numerous trips I take every month to the local pool supply store. And about the time I thought I was cured of swearing.

It’s true; so many products we own have ongoing costs, but nothing quite compares to that of pool ownership. For example, if you own a car, you buy insurance and registration, but otherwise, the bulk of the costs are related to usage. In other words, don’t drive, don’t pay. This is not true with a swimming pool—swim and you pay, don’t swim and you pay. I only wish all of this pool stuff was tax deductible. If it were, the IRS would owe me.

All of this degradation to my honestly earned money makes me want to break bad. It’s not enough that I pay all of this money for the privilege of owning a swimming pool. The real kicker is I’m only using it a few times a year. If I added up the cost per swim, for the same price, I could probably stay in a Mediterranean hotel and swim in its pool—airfare included.

How can I end the madness? Remove the pool.

It’s a onetime cost. After that, I will face no more monthly expenditures. Yahoo! The next time it’s hot outside, I’ll look out the window, and there won’t be a pool. I’ll do the same thing I did when there was one—go back inside—only this time, I’ll do so as a richer person.

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