Preparing Your Site for Excavation!

Foundation piers bay area excavation

Before any Bay Area home or office building can be constructed on a given site, excavation and site preparation must take place. Without this important precursor to construction, it would be impossible to install an appropriate foundation upon which any permanent structure should be built.

Most people understand that the foundation of any building provides the necessary support for the entire structure – but before the foundation can be laid, foundation piers or deck piers may be needed, and that calls for foundation drilling.

Steps Involved in Site Preparation for Excavation

Here’s what goes into that all-important first step in the building process:

  • Soil testing – this step is necessary because it provides information on soil density, which in turn tells how well the site will be able to bear the load of any structure built upon it, and how well it will absorb moisture. If either of these characteristics indicate unsuitable ground for building, additional steps will be needed to achieve soil improvement and make the site more appropriate for construction.
  • Clearing the site – to prepare a site for excavation, the site must be cleared of trees and shrubs, and any previously existing structures above or below ground must be removed and carted away. In some cases, very little clearing is necessary, and in other cases, there’s a great deal of clearing to be done.
  • Surveying the site – surveying is a requirement in most locations because it provides precise measurements of where a building is to be laid out and installed. It can be thought of as the transformation of construction plans on paper into a real, physical representation of those plans at the ground level. When completed, the surveyor’s pegs tell the excavators and construction crews exactly where a building should be built.

Excavating the site

With the site ready for construction, excavation of the foundation area can begin. The surveyor’s pegs have marked out the exact parameters, and the construction plans will have identified the shape and the depth of the excavation to be performed.

The go-to Company for Bay Area Excavation

The excavating company in the Bay Area which can handle all necessary steps in proper site preparation, as well as any Bay Area drilling which might be called for is Lassiter Excavating Inc. Contact us before you proceed with any construction plans, so you can be sure your site has been ideally prepared and excavated and is ready for a lasting structure to be built. Call (925) 449-3112 or use our contact form online and we will be happy to assist you.