The Pool Removal Process

swimming pool demolition process

When you build your home, there is a lot of planning that goes on. Some of the installations you put in place may not stand the test of time. Others simply outlive their usefulness. If, for example, you installed a pool, a time may come where you no longer feel the need for it, in which case you will need to call in pool removal experts.

This is a brief overview on how the pool removal process works:

Step 1: Obtaining a permit

Before you build a pool, there must be a written permit from your city or county. When you choose to either bury or remove the pool, you are also required to obtain a permit. Failure to do this would effectively make your actions illegal and could cause problems for you or the people you pass the property on to.

Step 2: Draining

Your regular pool will hold thousands of gallons of water, so you need to hire the services of someone who can pump all that water to the right destination, ensuring that there is no damage of property or violation of any legal codes in the process.

Step 3: Disconnect

At this point, all power sources are switched off and all circuits broken. Lines are capped to makes sure there are zero chances of those around suffering injuries related to electricity.

Step 4: Demolition

Method 1: Here, experts punch holes into the bottom of the pool for any water to be able to drain, then fill in the entire pool with dirt with the coping and decking in place.

Method 2: The entire swimming pool shell is completely demolished. The concrete and steel are carried away on trucks and the pool cavity is backfilled with dirt.

Step 5: Backfill

Throwing dirt inside a hole is easy, but back filling is not. This is the most important part of the pool removal / demolition process. This step is undertaken to ensure that the filled area does not settle over time, and that in the future, the ground involved does not retract downwards.

At Lassiter Excavating, we carry out the removal of all types of pools regardless of size, complexity and depth.

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