Choosing the Right Pool Removal Process

Pool removal Bay Area

Going back for as long as almost anyone alive today can remember. When an inground swimming pool was built in the Bay Area it required a city or county permit to do it. This means that there is public record  that a swimming pool was built and the specific location where it was built. If you should want to remove your pool go swimming pool demolition it’s illegal to simply fill in your pool without obtaining a permit for the process. You or your pool demo contractor must obtain a permit from your city or county before you can proceed. The permit will spell out the type of demolition the owner chooses, both of which are described below.

The Two Methods of Pool Removal

Partial pool removal

This method of pool removal is the least costly to accomplish therefor it’s the most common. First, several holes are created in the pool shell at the deepest part of the pool. If any water were to get into the pool shell after its filled in, these holes allow the water to percolate into the ground and not be trapped in the pool shell. Then the concrete sides of the pool are collapsed inward and broken into small pieces. The concrete pieces are then distributed evenly across the pool floor. That entire pool is then back-filled completely with compacted lifts of soil. The compaction assures that the soil in the pool will be sufficiently dens as to prevent future sinking. All utilities must be properly disconnected and caped as well. While the advantage to this method is the lower cost, the down side is although the pool is buried, there is still have a pool in the back yard. This could prove to be a problem down the road for any future room additions or selling the property

Full pool removal

As you might guess from its name, a full pool removal literally every component of an inground pool steel, concrete, wood, or vinyl liner if it’s a liner pool is extracted and removed from the site. The backfill process and utility disconnect is the same in this method but cost is higher because it involves removal and off haul of all the material. As result the amount of fill dirt needed is considerably more.

Hire the right Bay Area pool removal specialist

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