5 Ideas for Your Backyard After Removing Your Pool

Ready to remove that pool from your backyard? Here are some ideas of what you can do with the space in your new dream backyard.

There are many who believe that when you remove a pool, your backyard will simply be left with unwanted and unappealing space. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. To illustrate, the following list represents some of the best ways to make use of your backyard after a pool removal project: Continue reading “5 Ideas for Your Backyard After Removing Your Pool”

What to Consider When Using Drilled Shaft Construction

Drilled shafts are an economical way to support large axial and lateral loads. Learn more about the advantages of using drilled shafts from experts in foundation drilling.

Learn More About Drilled Shafts

Drilled shafts, also called drilled piers, bored piles, or caissons are deep foundation solutions created by excavating a deep hole and pouring fluid concrete into the hole. If needed, reinforcing steel can be installed in the excavation prior to pouring the concrete. An expert Bay Area foundation drilling company will have the equipment and the expertise to reliably perform this critical foundation work.

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Why Hiring an Excavation Company is Better Than DIY

There are times to save money on DIY projects. Bay Area excavation projects may not be one of those times, here’s why.

Doing an excavation project is much more than just digging in the dirt. It is serious work with potentially significant consequences. So, choose a professional Bay Area excavation contractor. Don’t take the risks of a DIY effort.

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Tips on Choosing a Pool Removal Contractor

Pools are fun but there comes a time where they don’t get used as much as they used to. Here are tips on choosing the best Bay Area pool removal contractor.

Thinking About Bay Area Pool Removal?

So, you have a backyard swimming pool that you have enjoyed for years. But perhaps things have changed, and it’s time to remove that once-loved pool. Or possibly you’ve bought a home with a pool and you want to get it removed. In both cases, it is time to call a professional Bay Area pool removal contractor.

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Learn More About Trenching in Excavation

Trenching is widely used in construction as a part of the excavation process. Learn more about when and why trenching is used in this article.

Trenching in Excavation

Trenching is simply creating a hole in the ground by removing dirt, organic material, and rock. Trenches are not very wide and can be any depth. Trenching is widely used in construction for installing underground pipes, sewer, and water lines, drain lines, sprinkler systems, gas systems, electrical or fiber conduit, creating drainage, and building retaining walls.

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Pier Foundations Explained

A solid foundation is important for any structure. Learn more about how pier foundations work from Bay Area drilling experts.

Here is How it Works

Every structure needs a solid foundation that keeps it upright, gives it strength, and provides safety for its occupants and neighbors. A solid foundation supports the load of the entire building and keeps it standing against the forces of nature. It also protects the structure against the natural moisture and forces of the ground that could weaken it. An expert Bay Area foundation piers drilling company can construct a pier foundation that will provide enduring support and protection.

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Reasons to Use Retaining Walls on Commercial Properties

Retaining walls are much more than decoration. Learn more about the uses from an experienced Bay Area retaining wall drilling company.

Reasons to Use Retaining Walls on Commercial Properties 

When someone says “retaining wall,” you might think of the attractive wall that your neighbors had built to enhance their landscaping. But a retaining wall is much more than decoration. There are significant uses of retaining walls for both residential and commercial properties. In both cases, to get the quality that you can rely on for many years, contact a professional Bay Area retaining wall drilling company.

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What Do Excavating Contractors Do?

Learn more about what excavation is and what projects you will want to hire a skilled excavation company in the Bay Area for.

Excavation is an Important Part of Many Projects

Excavation contractors have an early and significant role in virtually every project dealing with construction or land use. But their work goes well beyond simply “digging in the dirt.”

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What Causes a Foundation to Settle in San Francisco?

A settling foundation can wreak havoc. Here are some reasons foundations settle and what you can do about it.

Foundations Settle, Here’s Why

For most people, a home is their most expensive and valuable possession. So, foundation settlement can be a serious problem. Foundation settlement can result in damage to the structure and its contents, unsightly cracks, and loss of real estate value. To remedy serious problems when they arise, or to prevent damage from foundation settlement, call a professional Bay Area foundation drilling company.

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What Causes Foundation Damage?

Learning what causes foundation damage may help you prevent a visit from Sacramento foundation drilling experts. Read on to learn more.

Causes of Damage to Foundation 

Foundation damage is a serious problem for a home or other structure because the foundation supports and helps ensure the integrity of the entire structure. And here’s the thing, foundation problems can lead to expensive repairs. When foundation problems are observed or suspected, it’s time to call the Sacramento foundation drilling experts to get the work done professionally.

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