Not All Pools Are Created Equal

Not all in-ground swimming pool are constructed the same.

Every year we remove a number of pools that are constructed with fiberglass or plastic liners.

plastic fiberglass pool demolitionThe process for removing these types of pools is different than their concrete counterpart.

Liner pools are typically built with steel or wood panels that are erected for the sides of the pool. A lightweight non-reinforced concrete is used to create the smooth floor finish. A thick plastic or PVC liner is then installed to make the pool waterproof and give it the appearance of being monolithic. Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, are a one-piece structure that is made elsewhere then brought to the job then craned into the excavated pool cavity.

Unlike concrete pools that must be demolished with demolition equipment, liner or fiberglass pools are dismantled. In the case of liner pools, the liners are removed by hand and discarded. The wall panels are then disassembled and removed. The lightweight concrete floors are easily removed with small tractor equipment. Removing Fiberglass pools in most cases requires the least amount of work. (Keep in mind I’m not referring to a concrete pool that has been fiberglassed) The shell is cut with saws into pieces and removed piece by piece. When you are done removing the fiberglass pieces there are no other materials to remove.

Pricing for removing a swimming pool pool demolition plastic concrete fiberglasscan vary considerably based on a number of factors, one of which can be the type of pool we are removing. Removing a liner or fiberglass pool is much less labor and equipment intensive as removing a concrete pool.

If you have a pool demolition contractor give you an estimate for removing your swimming pool and the price is higher than your neighbor or acutance, don’t just assume the contractor is trying to gouge you. Get an explanation as to why your price is different.  Generally its due to the pool type or some accessibility issue that may be  different than your neighbors.   The point is, all pools are not created the same and consequently are not removed the same way or at the same cost.

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